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Great Covid insight from Vicki Sanderson, "I've never wished to be so wrong in my entire life.


Our reader Vicki Sanderson responded to my comments on the vaccine - here's her note:

Michael, like you I was pretty scared throughout 2020 of ending up precisely as you say - on an oxygen bottle! Virology, immunology is not my area of expertise, but research is, and initially I was horrified at the tales from ICUs around the world.

It wasn't until the "vaccination" was underway overseas, with the initial reports of adverse immunological responses, that I began to turn my attention to the (real) experts in these areas. There were so many credentialed (even Nobel Prize winners) virologists, immunologists and others horrified at both the "emergency" approval of experimental vaccines that had never been trialed on people & the early "signals" of problems, that I resolved to wait for conventional vaccines and/or the new anti-virals.

But even more significantly, it became increasingly clear that the global statistics (which gradually became available) indicated a different scenario than the one which we had accepted. Clearly, the virus was a nasty virus, particularly because it was almost certainly created via gain-of-function experimentation. But its catastrophic cytokine storm seemed principally to assault the very elderly, the obese, and those with co-morbidities such as diabetes, & lung & heart disorders.

The greatest catastrophe, in my opinion, is that the medical research establishment relied too heavily on the pharmaceutical giants to create vaccines, in preference to drug treatments that by the end of 2021/early 2022 will prove to save most lives, particularly if implemented in the early stages of the infection.

Instead, the authorities have inexplicably advised those identified with infections to go home without any treatment at all.
Those "positive" "cases" will most likely have few symptoms & will recover. But the immuno-compromised will less likely do so.

It has taken us ordinary folk all this time to gather this information. The medical bureaucracy, meantime adjust the narrative as they go along. But politics, indebtedness to the pharmaceutical contracts and so on prolong the mythology.

I pray every day that the virology experts who fear the long term effects of these "vaccines" are wrong. All my precious family have been pressured, in one form or another, to be vaccinated.

I have never wished to be so wrong in my entire life.