Annastacia packs so much correctness, diversity & coercion into so few seconds.
Bullshit from the empty-head Dan-compliant bosses at Victoria Police.

Hero of The People Bill Thompson twirling the reins Outside the protected Insiders


I headed off on my Chairman Dan-approved Sunday cycle ride at about 10am this morning & called past their ABC’s Southbank HQ, to see if I might, by chance, cross paths with any emerging “Insiders” panelists – eg  or Cameron Stewart… but no such luck, as it turned out. The only person who did emerge, while I was passing, was a guy who I presumed was a security guard, who stood around & paced around for a while, so I alerted him to a metal drink bottle at the front entrance, as well as some garbage that had been left on a bench just outside one of the other ABC entrances… to assist him in his apparent goal of protecting the safety & amenity of the building & staff. I didn’t see him go & collect the drink bottle or the garbage while I was there, so perhaps it was beneath his pay-grade? I think I later made it home from my ride just inside the 2-hr limit for exercise, as allowed by our Dear Leader, Chairman Dan!