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Reader GM writes to the Chief Health Officer about Ivermectin - here's the reply

Leak on the teenage activist Jacinda Ardern


New Zealand will wake up one day and realise that it doesn't need a dot-point activist running its country. 

This is Courageous Jacinda's response to the Australian, US, and UK's submarine decision, despite the changed strategic environment (read China):

New Zealand would maintain a ban on nuclear-powered vessels that dates back to 1985, meaning Wellington will not allow the prized naval asset being developed by Australia into its waters.

"New Zealand's position in relation to the prohibition of nuclear-powered vessels in our waters remains unchanged," Ms Ardern said.

Dear People of New Zealand - please be assured that despite the childish response from Prime Minister Greta, Australia will never turn its back on New Zealand if it needs defending, assistance, or protecting ... even if she does continue selling-out to appease China. 

God Defend New Zealand - even if Ardern won't.