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Poor old Paul Keating loses his touch. Declares Keneally a “huge executive talent”

Paul Keating loses his touch. Declares Keneally a “huge executive talent”

Former prime minister Paul Keating has weighed into a Labor dispute over the selection of Kristina Keneally for a key seat in the lower house, declaring her a “huge executive talent” who will fight for those who deserve a bigger share of the nation’s wealth.

Mr Keating backed Senator Keneally as the best candidate for the electorate of Fowler in western Sydney, saying she had proven her ability to advocate for working people and defend Labor values.


Sometimes, too many years living in cashed-up affluence can pervert a man’s grasp on reality.

Former Bankstown boy Paul Keating these days sees the world through Rose Bay coloured glasses.

It’s been a long time since PJK was an astute dissector of the attitudes of working people.

These days, Keating thinks all they want is a “bigger share of the nation’s wealth” … or put another way - more of other people’s money.

Most people in the battlers’ areas of Sydney are self-starters who want to get ahead under their own steam.

They’re not all cruising for a hand-out from a vote buying local member, as Keating implies.

But it begs the question … Keating, Therapeutic Albo, Ed Husic, Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi - what is it that all these Labor blokes can see in Keneally that the regular voter just can’t?

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