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Should Malcolm Turnbull be registered as an Agent of Foreign Influence for France?


Seeker of Truth asks:

In view of Malcolm Turnbull's friendship with France's President Macron and his regular phone contacts with him, will Malcolm Turnbull be registering as a potential agent of foreign influence for France?

The Left pushed hard on Tony Abbott to force him to register, especially on his dealings with Boris Johnson, so what is their stance on Malcolm Turnbull?

Does Malcolm get a leave pass?

In July 2021, Malcolm registered as an agent as to his keynote address at South Korea's Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity. Also in July 2021, he registered as an agent as to his keynote address at Taiwan's Yushan Forum.

These were both one off events. Yet there is no registration for his regular contact with Macron. It is obvious that political discussions take place.

Where is his transparency on this relationship?

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Here's an excerpt of Turnbull's speech on behalf of The French People.

France is an Indo Pacific power. With two million citizens and 7,000 troops across the two oceans, drawing closer to France as a security partner made enormous sense both for us and the United States.

France is the world’s sixth (and the EU’s second) largest economy, a permanent member of the Security Council, a nuclear weapons state with its own nuclear technology for energy, naval propulsion and weapons. With Merkel’s retirement, Macron will be the most influential of the EU leaders. Always inclined to protectionism, France became a strong supporter of our bid for an FTA with the EU, invited Australia (for the first time) to the G7 and aligned its Indo Pacific strategy, and ultimately that of the EU, to ours.

Mr Morrison has not acted in good faith. He deliberately deceived France. He makes no defense of his conduct other than to say it was in Australia’s national interest. So, is that Mr Morrison’s ethical standard with which Australia is now tagged.: Australia will act honestly unless it is judged in our national interest to deceive?

It was as recently as 30 August that our Defence and Foreign Ministers met with their French counterparts and publicly re-emphasised the importance of the submarine programme. Two weeks later, on the day Mr Morrison dumped the President of France with a text message, the Department of Defence formally advised Naval Group that the project was on track and ready to enter into the next set of contracts.

The media has been gleefully briefed that Mr Morrison struck the deal with Boris Johnson and Joe Biden at the G20 in July shortly before going to Paris where the PM confirmed to President Macron his continuing commitment to the submarine deal.

France’s Foreign Minister has described Australia’s conduct as a stab in the back, a betrayal. Macron recalled his Ambassadors to Canberra and Washington. Dan Tehan can’t get a meeting with the French Trade Minister any more than he can with the Chinese Trade Minister.

France believes it has been deceived and humiliated, and she was. This betrayal of trust will dog our relations with Europe for years. The Australian Government has treated the French Republic with contempt. It won’t be forgotten. Every time we seek to persuade another nation to trust us, somebody will be saying “Remember what they did to Macron? If they can throw France under a bus, what would they do to us?”