Worksafe must prosecute Andrews & his government. Hard-hitting ad, please spread it.
Afghanistan catastrophe. Biden lied.

Weak & Woke - Channel Nine pulls 'Worksafe must prosecute Andrews' ad

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(Yesterday) afternoon we informed you that our TV advert would start airing on Channel 9 during the 6pm evening news in Victoria. The ad has been pre-paid and checked and classified for airing by CAD.
At 8 minutes to 6 (last night) Channel 9 pulled the ad. No reason. Our media team will be talking to Channel 9 (today). Channel 9 is of course an independent commercial organisation. It can do what it likes.
But from our perspective we can only feel that our ad must be hugely powerful and perhaps scares the hell out of some people. Who knows why Channel 9 would pull the ad? What do you think?
Channel 9 is interested in what the public think. People keep asking us how they can help the Not Above The Law campaign. Here’s something you can do. Let Channel 9 know what you think of them pulling the ad.
Here’s Channel 9’s Facebook page:
And Nine’s online complaints form:
Let them know what you think.
Here’s our ad again. Pass it on to as many people as you can.

With best wishes.


Ken Phillips and the
Team at Self-Employed Australia