Biden's catastrophic Kabul retreat facilitated export of child-brides & sex trafficking
The Biden Afghanistan Catastrophe a boost for Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran

Woke Channel 9 reporter allows The Taliban a free kick interview to insult Australian Diggers.

Nine’s headline said it all. 
BIG Exclusive you idiots. 
You gave terrorists an open microphone.
The 30 minute interview conducted by Wokester reporter Jonathan Kearsely contains unchallenged rolling slurs against Australian soldiers. 

“Thank you very much for talking to 9NEWS”, he says smuggly with the big exclusive on the screen. 
- Australians are the worst human rights violators
- Australia committed some of the worst and the brutal kind of human rights violations
- they should be prosecuted as per the humanitarian law. 
Let’s just say it didn’t go down too well. 
Condemnation from the Prime Minister down.