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EXPOSED! Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton in cover-up.

Your taxes fund ABC 'News' review of this US sitcom for NBC & Netflix

The writers leaned into the headlines about police brutality and institutional racism in law enforcement.

They actually scrapped the first four episodes of this season and started again following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in May, 2020.

The team had "a lot of sombre talks about it and deep conversations", actor Terry Crews told Access Daily last year, and saw the moment as an opportunity.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come to an end.

The final episode of the comedy series has just aired in the US. It is streaming in Australia on SBS On Demand.

No spoilers but … it's big. Let's just say, it will reshape the Nine-Nine.

There are special guests, including Jake's cannibal friend Caleb, Adrian Pimento and others. You can probably guess if you watched the first seven seasons.

Let's take this opportunity to look back over the final – and particularly topical – season of this wholesome, much-loved show.

Firstly, how do we feel about the send-off?

Well, fans are having a completely normal one.

The format of the episode will feel appropriate to any Nine-Niners out there.

And if you became invested in the hijinks of this loveable troupe over the past eight years, this final installment – a 50-minute double episode – might result in tears.

Consider yourself warned.


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