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Magnificent Bill Thompson catches up with some real people Outside Insiders!


I finally got to talk with somebody outside Insiders, today, after months of there rarely being anyone in the studio. Of course, it turned out to be just Speersy & Clarko but I appreciated their time!  

Meanwhile, yesterday I was replying to somebody’s tweet regarding how trustworthy their ABC News is & I suggested they consider how ABC News only reports stuff which conforms with their preferred narrative. I invited the guy to Google: “Jon Stephens ABC” & see what links appear & then repeat the same search on the ABC News Online search portal & see what doesn’t appear! After sending the tweet, I thought I’d try that process, myself & bugger me, there was a link to your report, from March, 2021 – which, astoundingly, I’d never seen before - about Louise Milligan blocking Mick, after he tried to correspond with her about his experience, as well as ABC’s general indifference re the whole, in-house pedo scenario.  

As you know, I tried to get a comment from Milligan about the Jon Stephens matter, on the day in 2017, when she had queue-jumped in front of me, to get her seat in the Mag Court, for the opening day of proceedings against George Pell. She kept babbling about not being able to comment because the matter was sub judice & I kept saying that Jon Stephens had already pleaded guilty to the child indecent assault of Simon Major but Milligan didn’t want to know, nor did any of the other ABC scum I've spoken to about it, over the years, including Kerry O'Brien. I also can’t recall if I told you that I saw Stephens in Downing Centre Court, in 2019, during what may have been his last court appearance re Mick’s matter, before his death. I still kick myself that I didn’t try to Go-Pro him outside the court, that day… 

Cheers, BT 


Anniversary of the Light Horse charge at Beersheba. Magnificent. Lest We Forget.

Bugger Halloween.



#OTD – Charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba
The charge of the 4th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba late in the afternoon of 31 October 1917, is remembered as the last great Australian cavalry charge. The assault on Beersheba began at dawn and involved the infantry divisions of the British XX Corps with artillery and air support. Despite repeated attacks, the Allies were unable to capture the town by mid afternoon.
With time running out for the Australians to capture Beersheba and its wells before dark, Lieutenant General Harry Chauvel, the Australian commander of the Desert Mounted Corps, ordered Brigadier General William Grant, commanding the 4th Light Horse Brigade, to make a mounted attack directly towards the town.
Chauvel knew from aerial photographs that the Turkish trenches in front of the town were not protected by barbed wire. The Australian Light Horse was to be used purely as cavalry for the first time. Although they were not equipped with cavalry sabres, the Turks who faced the long bayonets held by the Australians did not consider there was much difference between a charge by cavalry and a charge by mounted infantry.
The Light Horse moved off at the trot, and almost at once quickened to a gallop. As they came over the top of the ridge and looked down the long, gentle open slope to Beersheba, they were seen by the Turkish gunners, who opened fire with shrapnel. But the pace was too fast for the gunners. After three kilometres Turkish machine-guns opened fire from the flank, but they were detected and silenced by British artillery.
The rifle fire from the Turkish trenches was wild and high as the Light Horse approached. The front trench and the main trench were jumped and some men dismounted and then attacked the Turks with rifle and bayonet from the rear. Some galloped ahead to seize the rear trenches, while other squadrons galloped straight into Beersheba.
The 4th and 12th Light Horse casualties were thirty-one killed and thirty-six wounded; they captured over 700 men. The capture of Beersheba meant that the Gaza-Beersheba line was turned. Gaza fell a week later and on 9 December 1917, the British troops entered Jerusalem.
The Australian victory at Beersheba marked one of the last great charges of mounted troops in history, the Australian Light Horse Brigade captured the town and secured crucial water wells. Their victory marked the beginning of the end of the war in the Middle East.

You silly bugger Mr Smith - getting to .131 is no accident.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said Mr Smith recorded an evidentiary breath test reading of 0.131, seeing his license automatically suspended. He was fined for drunk driving.

“Emergency services were called to reports a car had collided into another vehicle on Power Street before crashing into a fence about 8.55pm,” said the spokeswoman.

“The driver of the vehicle, a 38-year-old Kew man, tested positive for alcohol and was taken to a police station where he returned an evidentiary breath test reading of 0.131

“The man had his licence immediately suspended and will receive an infringement notice for exceed prescribed concentration of alcohol.”


One of the Victorian opposition's few effective operators - now completely stuffed - and it's of his own stupid doing.

Nowadays there's no excuse for driving on the grog, even less so when you are were the shadow attorney general.

Just glad there was no one in the front yard of the house you pranged into.

Screen Shot 2021-10-31 at 12.22.18 pm

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith has resigned from the shadow cabinet after allegedly blowing twice the legal limit and crashing into another car in Melbourne’s east.

Victoria Police said Mr Smith – a key ally of opposition leader Matthew Guy – had his license suspended after the accident near Power St in Hawthorn just before 9pm on Saturday.

His car then crashed into the fence of a house, knocking over a stop sign.

Mr Smith, formerly shadow attorney-general after a recent reshuffle, said he made a “serious error of judgement” and he’d tendered his resignation from the shadow cabinet.

“After dinner with friends I believed I was under the legal limit to drive home,” he said.

“This was not the case.

“I was breath-tested and returned a positive reading.

“I have been fined under the Road Safety Act and my licence has been suspended for 12 months.

“I apologise to my constituents, my colleagues, my family and the people of Victoria who expect their elected representatives to uphold the highest standards of behaviour.”

Mr Smith has been a fierce critic of the Andrews Labor government’s handling of the pandemic, making him a polarising figure in Victoria.