The Age sacks its heart & soul, cartoonist Michael Leunig - over anti-Dan vax cartoon
Extra special protection for politicians. Of course.


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Up The Workers!

Watch out Mark Knight, or you might be next to be cancelled by Kim Jong Dan!

robert griffiths

Dan's head on a pike is what's needed, That'll be freedom day.

Davey Boy

What are all these 'roadmaps' Danni keeps raving on about?

I just purchased a 2021 Melways and I cannot find ANY of Danni's 'roadmaps' in it.

I think I will take it back and ask for a refund.


Love it! Surely even Dictator Dan is starting to feel a bit foolish!


Haha. That is a good one.


No, he just doubles down with even further insanity to punish any nay-sayers. Case in point military style police violently quashing peaceful protests, never before seen in this country.

John Smith

Your not ever 'fully vaccinated' ... You never will be!!!

Re read and let that it sink in???

How many 'SHOTS' before you succumb?


We've got some great cartoonists & of course some great subject matter .

Julie of Geelong

Yep agree.


from Vic Health Minister Foley is quoted as saying
"Just to make sure that we avoid completely avoidable hospitalisations through COVID-19 by getting as many people with those double jabs in their arms."
Implying govt diligence but failing to convince anyone. AND then followed by
""We particularly take this opportunity to reflect and send our deepest condolences to all those families, communities and friends of those people who have tragically passed away," Mr Foley said."
- a faux condolence of faux remorse yarp,yarp, ..... heard it all B4.EVERY day of late. S.O.B.
I -SNAFUBAR- can't help but muse that Dan & his govt, the Gladys replacement whoev's that is & his govt, & Scomo & co are ALL singing the same song to the soundtrack of Lord Farquad from Shrek( ). eg, Dan has planned a 10k double vaxed superspreader event for 1st Tuesday November next week so some rich probably foreign entrepreneur (unlikely 2B philanthropric - more likely self focused on own pocket lining & self ego inflating) can get pissed at Flemington Cellarbrating the cup win, wasting champagne & win bragging rights while the paramedics, vax/testing clinics & NON C19 RELATED MEDICAL QUEUES grow ever longer & the (failing/ailing) health system/s are stretched further to max & maybe beyond costing lives. If footy finals, Grand Pricks or horse racing (read $$$$$$$$$!) R involved real people’s lives simply do not matter. 'Left wing /Right wing all part of same bird'. I don't know who coined that phrase but Oh so sadly true.

Julie of Geelong

Fabulous Mark Knight - pure gold.

Now for Johannes L. to put out another gem.

Both my fav cartoonists.


More of "the science"
Covid seasonal, like influenza


Respected Aussie scientist who developed a homegrown Covid jab is forced to crowd fund to get it approved in Australia - as he slams lack of support from health authorities


Inside the insidious tricks Chinese spies use on Australians - as shocking report reveals they think nothing of making physical threats and seducing politicians

Dan Andrews?
That story about him being beaen up by Chinese thugs?

Liz of Vic

Yes you should get a refund.

Dan's roadmap changes daily and half the time nobody 'gets' it!

What is reported is usual the journo's understanding of the original!

Liz of Vic


I notice the word 'still' in the heading of this post.

Yes, that is also my question, how long can we go on with this and have to endure it?

There are so few people who worry about this, that is what bothers me.

It was to be expected at The Age, I got rid of that many years ago, but they are still going and still turning further left daily!


Yes great subject matter we could all do without!


Some of the REAL and undocumented victims of this plannedemic

How many in Australia?


The Nuremberg snow ball has begun in Italy. Lets now watch it pick up speed and scalps, world wide. The trials when they come here wont be like Dan Andrews is used to. The playing field wont be skewed in his favour. The media too is on notice. They have been pushing this whole agenda, from start to finish. RIP

ITALY 🇮🇹: Judge Angelo Giorgianni, "Today the sovereign people have given an eviction notice to those who illegally occupy the palaces of power. Today the sovereign people demand justice for all the deaths that they have caused, for deprivations, for our children and for our suffering. And we want them to be tried in a new Nuremberg!"


I like Mark Knight but the HeraldSun is far from being a fair and free press. Heavily censored in Dan Andrews favour. That is why I refuse to subscribe and happily walk passed copies in the supermarket without even a glance at the headlines.
They stated this path long before Dan Andrews was premier though.


If those trials DO go ahead in Italy then we have some hope.....

.....if it's just hot air from a judge wanting popularity.....then there won't be any trials....???

Remember Mussolini


No mate, you have to purchase the Andrews/Xi Jinping version, which is easier to follow because all roads lead to communism......

......with endless lockdown and vaccination stops along the way!!


Well they assumed humans would succumb after one or two, apparently humans are a little more resilient than they thought cos now they need boosters to continue the toxic work!!


Good on of luck with the TGA though, big pharma bought those scumbags at the start of this plannedemic!

Had they been guided by REAL science and their own morality Ivermectin would have been allowed as an optional treatment.....hope their 30 pieces of silver give them comfort


We were told before lockdowns that just one covid death was too many. Can only assume it is okay to die from cancer, just not covid.


That's just cancer sufferers, how many are suffering from other possible terminal illnesses have been tossed aside to promote the tyranny of covid?

We know all politicians involved in this need to be given a fair trial and then hung but what about those medical practitioners who knowingly cast aside their oath to 'do no harm'?


Yes John, Your phone’s green Covid Fully Vaccinated Confirmation with the tick will be regularly replaced with a Red Cross to warn you that until you get your next booster shot you are not fully vaccinated. The green and red alerts will go on and off, on and off, until they see how many “boosters” they can get away with. I read the other day that these will eventually be replaced with a blood test “to confirm that you have actually been vaccinated”. This could only happen if permanent tracers at the cell molecular level were included in the vaccines that could be picked up by such a test. In doing so, the “conspiracy theorists who advocate that metals such as graphite have been included in the vaccinations” would be proven right. Imagine a world where you had foreign metals injected into your body just so the government could track and trace all your movements? It truly is something out of Orwell’s “1984”.

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