Putin making sense.
The Age sacks its heart & soul, cartoonist Michael Leunig - over anti-Dan vax cartoon


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So the dead have a right to vote, just so long as it is for Biden.

Not on the Left

Evil old hypocrite.
He believes everyone has the right to vote (Democrats), even the dead.


Why not mandate compulsory voting? That would cover for some of those Counties that returned more votes than they had registered voters.

Donald J Trump - 2.72M subscribers - Joe Biden says he's built most extensive "voter fraud" org in history



What they need to do is go door to door checking the voting roll as they used to do years ago in Australia as the fraud is so great and some of the anti Trump is coming from his own party and some of these people may have cheated to get elected.


Michael, my comment is off topic but I have just read - Cartoonist Michael Leunig has been axed from his prized position in The Age over an image on vaccination that stirred up controversy. Daniel Andrews and his ilk do not like criticism or honest discussion. Surprise, surprise. Remember when Communism was against the law and they were rounded up and now they are rounding us up.

Not on the Left

Biden is obscene and an insult to American voters - the genuine ones.
"Hypocrite" is not a strong word to describe him.


Seems Biden is reminding voters that it’s possible the losing candidate can "win" once again.


Voter fraud has been swinging Australian elections for a long time. Not just the dead. Last time I showed my drivers licence at a polling booth I was told to put it away. Imagine, we dont want any of that sort of stuff here?

We used to do that all the time when I was in the ALP. Sussex Street headquarters would give us a list of 600 names, and there was a group of us — at least a dozen, perhaps 20 — and we would go from polling booth to polling booth, voting in different names. Sometimes we didn’t even bother finishing the list, and by mid-afternoon we would all go to the pub… [We did this in] federal elections, state elections [and] council elections. It’s been happening for 10 to 15 years that I know of. And we never got caught or questioned.

Not on the Left

Strong enough word.

Up The Workers!

Can you say that again Paedo-Joe in Mandarin or in Cantonese, so your 81 million 4.30 a.m. supposed-voters can actually understand you this time?

Up The Workers!

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall of Nancy Gin-Bottle's lounge room when she heard stupid old Paedo-Joe the Taliban Toe-Rag come out with that magnificent statement - the only true words he uttered in the whole crooked Dementiacrat election campaign.

That clip is a keeper - even moreso than Professor Peter van-Orifice's famous clip which often pops up here.

Up The Workers!

Old Paedo-Joe just about qualifies to vote under either category - living AND dead - if only he could remember to do so.


OT slightly, but while we are talking about Democrats in the US.

Some of you may have been following the massive cover up organised by one of the county school boards in the US.

The brief summary was that a 'Gender Fluid' teenage... 'person of penis ownership' entered a female school bathroom and had forced sex with a teenage female study.

The school board went 'Oh... awkward' and transferred the offender to another school to protect him. Trans Rights!

The father of the victim was, oddly enough, a bit upset about this and attempted to raise the issue at a public meeting of the school board.

The school board had him ARRESTED and removed to prevent him from speaking.

So, strangely enough, a LOT of other parents also decided that protecting their children from violent sexual assault WAS something they were concerned about.

So, the county in question is in a state - Virginia - that is coming up for Governor elections and it seems the Republican candidate is willing to at least talk the talk on school board reform.

In comes ex President Obama who is offering his support to the Democrat.

His stance on the matter?

"We don't have time to be wasted on these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage, the right-wing media's pedals to juice their ratings"


"That's not what this election is about. That's not what you need Virginia."

There you go, Mr HOPE does not believe that parents having concerns about the safety of their children while at school is worthy of his attention.

Let's Go Barack.

Tony Johnson

A quote no one should ever forget...Joe was repeating what his minders had told him.

Up The Workers!

How dare Michael Leunig draw a cartoon critical of our "Beloved Leader"?

Kim Jong Un wouldn't put up with it.

Xi JinPing wouldn't put up with it.

Vlad Putin wouldn't put up with it.

Fidel's lad, Just-A-Truedope wouldn't put up with it.

The Taliban wouldn't put up with it.

He should be arrested, hands tied behind his back, put up against a brick wall and repeatedly read the all the bloviating speeches of Juliar Gillard, Kevin Rudd, Sarah Halfwit-Bung, Bull Shitten and Malcontent Turncoat at high volume, as punishment.

Not on the Left

I have seen that video several times.
Utterly needless to say, had Trump said it it would have been endlessly repeated all over the MSM, night and day, including in Australia.
Like Hunter's Biden infamous kiddy porn-riddled laptop it has disappeared down the MSM memory-hole.

MikeT (WA)

Just like Australian Labor - Vote EARLY Vote OFTEN and Again and AGAIN


His ratings are now below any other president since WW2. Thats a feet and done in record time for someone so popular.


We;; Joe, when you can programme a Dominion Voting machine to allocate partial votes to candidates, anything certainly is possible.

Nobody at Dominion, or anywhere else, has given a credible reason why their machines have the ability to apportion values less than, or greater than, one vote to each candidate.

So, apart from the multiple fraudulent mail in ballots all arriving at 3 am, we may never know whether Trump's votes were being given 0.7 of a vote by the software in the machines, whilst Dopey Joe's votes may have been apportioned 1.3 votes.

And since the (Democratic) Election boards refused to hand over the machines for forensic analysis, we are still asking, What do they have to hide?

What has happened to the 1,000 plus signed affidavits where poll watchers observed fraud and were prepared to testify but they have been swept under the carpet? Where is the corrupt FBI in all this.....Oh that's right .... they're busy arresting parents who don't want their kids taught Critical Race Theory.

The Democrats and Dominion are pure evil ....One day the truth will come out, and we can only hope people are jailed.

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