Pep talk from America's latest 4 star admiral.
A Requiem for Melbourne. Tragic to watch.

Dan's Be Kind Day.

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As my kids say - there's a big vibe today.
You can feel the optimism. You can sense the pride in what's been achieved.
And after everything it's taken to get here, we absolutely deserve to feel that way.
I'm trying not to sound like some kind of soppy dad here, but I am proud, bloody proud of this state.
We've gone through such a hard time together, this pandemic has been exhausting in every sense of the word.
And the fact that we're here today, and opening up, is only because of the sacrifices made by every one of us.
But people won't just spring back from this either, the pandemic isn't over, and feeling a bit anxious about all this is normal.
So if you're heading out today - please just remember that this will take time, not everyone will be so ready to throw open their front door.
And the process of reopening won't be without flaws either, we all know that. It will take a lot of patience and understanding.
So if you've got a booking, and something goes wrong, please - don't take it out on the staff.
It isn't their job to update the apps, and the last thing they need is an argument about vaccines.
The workers serving us deserve nothing less than absolute respect, thanks and understanding. They're the best.
So anyway, get out there today, tomorrow - whenever you're ready. Get a trim, order a meal or buy a mate a drink.
Be proud of everything we've done to get here, of all we've achieved.
And remember to be kind - we're all getting used to this.