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Diesel generators reportedly shipped in to charge UN climate con artists' Teslas

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Large external generators will be transported across Scotland to power electric vehicles carrying dignitaries to a world climate change event in Glasgow.

Electric vehicles carrying international delegates from venues including Gleneagles to events in Glasgow during Cop 26 will be powered by generators due to a lack of charging provision at accommodation sites, it is understood.

The great and the good staying in Glasgow will be offered travel passes to attend events over the 12 -day programme, but those staying further away will be carried in Jaguar Land Rover electric vehicles.

However there is no stipulation that international visitors travelling to Cop 26 as delegates do so by the provided electric vehicles and some may choose to use their own.

Because of the sheer number of journeys expected to be taken, externally powered generators will be used to charge the cars and SUV’s.

These will be fuelled, the UK Government has insisted, with Hydrongenated Vegitable Oils (HVO).