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Jacinda Ardern's conscious creation of a second class citizenry

Jane Caro, professional independent thinker. Job? Holding the government to account.

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Join independent Senate candidates, Susan Benedyka for Victoriaand Professor Kim Rubenstein for Canberra, with special guest interviewer Jane Caro AM, to discuss responsible government, representative democracy and the Senate.

We’re living in a time when voters are increasingly disengaging from politics and where integrity and trust in politicians and the political process is waning. Many of us are angry about the decisions being made - or not being made - by those we elect to represent us.

We’re where we are because our country's social change is not being matched by political progress. Our government's response to climate change shows this. The intentional inaction on an effective National Integrity Commission reinforces this.

We need to restore honesty and integrity in politics. They’re vital to a healthy democracy and key to ensuring an engaged public. We need to have complete trust in what our politicians are saying and doing on our behalf.

If we want politics we can trust, if we want action on the big social issues of our time, then we need people like Susan and Kim in our Senate.

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