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Magnificent Bill Thompson catches up with some real people Outside Insiders!


I finally got to talk with somebody outside Insiders, today, after months of there rarely being anyone in the studio. Of course, it turned out to be just Speersy & Clarko but I appreciated their time!  

Meanwhile, yesterday I was replying to somebody’s tweet regarding how trustworthy their ABC News is & I suggested they consider how ABC News only reports stuff which conforms with their preferred narrative. I invited the guy to Google: “Jon Stephens ABC” & see what links appear & then repeat the same search on the ABC News Online search portal & see what doesn’t appear! After sending the tweet, I thought I’d try that process, myself & bugger me, there was a link to your report, from March, 2021 – which, astoundingly, I’d never seen before - about Louise Milligan blocking Mick, after he tried to correspond with her about his experience, as well as ABC’s general indifference re the whole, in-house pedo scenario.  

As you know, I tried to get a comment from Milligan about the Jon Stephens matter, on the day in 2017, when she had queue-jumped in front of me, to get her seat in the Mag Court, for the opening day of proceedings against George Pell. She kept babbling about not being able to comment because the matter was sub judice & I kept saying that Jon Stephens had already pleaded guilty to the child indecent assault of Simon Major but Milligan didn’t want to know, nor did any of the other ABC scum I've spoken to about it, over the years, including Kerry O'Brien. I also can’t recall if I told you that I saw Stephens in Downing Centre Court, in 2019, during what may have been his last court appearance re Mick’s matter, before his death. I still kick myself that I didn’t try to Go-Pro him outside the court, that day… 

Cheers, BT