Remember when.......
Parting message from NSW's highest paid and most vain public servant

NSW Liberals are a weird mob.

The ghost of Gladys and the Lefty Liberal’s control of NSW may be gradually going.

Jim Betts has been sent on his way - but maybe something weirder is taking his place.

Ex-commy pommy Jim Betts somehow became the darling of the NSW Liberals with a meteoric rise in the public service.

Gladys made him the highest ranked bureaucrat in NSW even though he appeared to spend most of his day piss-farting around with diversity social issues.

Today, conservative Premier Dominic Perrottet got rid of him.

Strangely though he is replaced by Michael Coutts-Trotter .. Tanya Plibersek’s husband.

Michael has his own ‘interesting story’.

He served two years and nine months of a 9 year jail term for drug dealing when a young man.

He couldn’t get a job as a teacher or policeman – but he can run the public service!

Once again, what happens in NSW Politics continues to puzzle.

Dominic Perrottet media statement - Secretary of Department of Premier and Cabinet