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First Gladys, now Dan.

Oh Canada! Ottawa Police most-wanted list. Prize if you can spot the trend.

Can you help detectives?

What single thing could Canada do to prevent its most serious crimes?

Reader KB writes:

Ottawa Police Service "most wanted" criminals:

  • Haybe Farhan ADEN 
  • Ahmed SIYAD 
  • Abdullahi OSMAN 
  • Mohamed SHIRE 
  • Liban Abdi Nasser SHEIKHADEM 
  • Jama ROBLE 
  • Sandrine TOMBA-KALEMA 
  • Mohamed WEHBE 
  • Ali Omer MOHAMED 
  • Maher Serwar MAJED 
  • Abdilahi HOUD 
  • Ibrahim FARHAT 
  • Ousmane Kader DIARRASSOUBA 
  • Nejat KAKAMAD 
  • Fu Kwok WEI 
  • Patrick VAUDRIN 
  • Uwe Frank LIEFLANDER 
  • Seth Joseph SHUSTER 


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