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One for the legal eagles - on a class action against the Andrews/Labor/CFMEU Government

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Reader Truth In Footnotes writes:

Mr. Smith,

I know that you have mentioned in the past the wealth of knowledge and talents among your many readers . . . some whom have done amazing research, and provided excellent legal advice in matters pertaining to the AWU-thievery, and other cases.

Do any of your readers have any idea whether a class-action could be launched and have any chance of success against the Victorian Government for is utterly immoral and baseless discrimination against those who refuse to submit themselves to an experimental medical procedure, the long-term effects of which are unknown?

I am not legally trained; but I don't think the current Victorian legislation voids the Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Act. Section 48 of this Act states that it is illegal to discriminate against a person because they "might" have an infectious disease. Thus, the legal basis of the "vaccination economy" should be null & void. After all, "being un-vaccinated" is NOT synonymous with "being infected".

Furthermore, since vaccinated people can also contract and spread Covid-19, the whole premise of the "vaccination economy" is fatally undermined.

I can't image Maurice Blackburn, or Slater & Gordon taking on a class-action like this, for purely party political reasons. But is there any legal opinion on this? Can any of your readers help . . . with advice or more practical help?

There are probably a couple of hundreds thousand Victorians who have elected to remain unvaccinated for whatever reason - and if each of them put $100 into a fighting fund, we could do something . . . . 200,000 of us would yield $20 million. I'm good for at least $1,000, right off the bat; and know a lot of vaccinated people who are appalled at what the Tyrant has done and is doing, and would happily kick-in some cash as well.

Is it worth a shot . . . or am I just dreaming?