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Parting message from NSW's highest paid and most vain public servant


We published this story in March this year.

NSW highest paid public servant Jim Betts into everything, but his job.


Jim Betts is the Secretary of the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. 

He is paid $605,500 per anum. 
Jim should be a busy man but he spends much of his days gesturing his commitment to fashionable lefty causes. 
Meanwhile, his Department's productivity stalls. Planning in NSW is riddled with red tape. 
Getting things done is notoriously difficult. 
Jim loves everything - apart from the real job:
- there's nothing quite like a smoking ceremony to punctuate his regular meetings of his costly in-house Harmony Council in the department of Planning. 
- the Department has its own Rainbow Connection team .. a dedicated LGBTIQ unit.
- he runs the WordsAtWork program, which is trying to outlaw offensive words like "male" and "female", "boys" and "girls". 
Total social engineer. 
As a further insight into what a game player Jim is, today he turned up to Parliament's Estimate Hearing casually dressed.
No suit, no tie, no respect for the system that pays him a fortune ... just a trendy flash of colour. 
Where do they find these people and why does the Liberal Party keep promoting them?