Therapeutic Albanese with an urgent job for Wayne Swan. Stat.
Happy birthday Peter Blödy, forever nearly 8 years old. Lest We Forget.


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Up The Workers!

Will Bert have to produce documentary proof that he was double vaxxed in order to be allowed by the inhuman Labor Party to attend his own funeral?


BERT NEWTON with PJ KEATING in 1989. Late Paul Lineham narrating the segment.

Michelle Two

I like the term "Passing through" as our souls are doing just that and dead sounds so final and not eternal as our souls are..

We are only passing through the time of earth learning and once our journey is over we go to the holding place that shows our life story, so we can see where we made choices that could of brought in a different result, but in life and death we touch the hearts of many and those we hurt along the way, we feel their pain in our review when we reach the pearly gates .. where our choices are forgiven and we go on to paint our next picture of the life we want to leave behind or recreate in another time and place..
Our soul never dies but lives forever in the eternal flame of love with those we never really leave behind but are in a place of light forever. love and light xx

"We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, learn, grow, love and then return home."

Just Passin' Through...remember to live with a smile on your face, because what you leave behind becomes your legacy..


Bert entertained and gave so much enjoyment. Well done Bert. A great life. (Hope the thugs from Spring Street don't try and crash his final party to associate themselves with someone genuinely popular).It would grate terribly.


Current limitations in Victoria.

"Religion and ceremony

Religious gatherings, weddings and funerals can be held if everyone present (including workers and attendees) is fully vaccinated (indoors at one person per 4 sqm, or outdoors at one person per 2 sqm for up to 500 people). Indoor dance floors are closed.

If vaccination status isn’t being checked, attendance is limited to 30 people (and density limits of one person per 4 sqm) plus the marrying couple, celebrant, and photographer for the wedding, or those necessary to conduct a funeral.

If a funeral or wedding is held at a private residence, private gathering restrictions apply."



" person per 2 sqm for up to 500 people"

If you want proof our Expert Leadership simply made numbers up on the spot because they wanted to look like they were in charge, here is a prime example.

Social Distancing? 1.5m clearance between people

Density limits? 1 per 2m squared

So for those who actually understand how maths works under the Density Limits you are allowed to be nearly 0.6m closer to each other.

Ergo? Either Social Distance is JUST A NUMBER (and hence can be ignored), or 1.5m is a critical risk reduction method and by allowing 1 per 2m square our 'Experts' are knowingly placing people in a life threatening situation.

Maths. Is a thing you use when you don't study Arts.


Bert Newton gave away one of his Gold Logies to a terminally sick person in a hospital but didn't want anyone to know until after he died.

Compare that with ME-GAIN.

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