High Court of Australia dismisses Peter Ridd's appeal over sacking - full judgement here
The Andrews Age Protocol.


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Choreographed within an inch of its life. Unfortunately during war that might be a tad hard to do.

Wayne Shaft

Rocket 🚀 Man Looking Trim Taught And Terrific …We Used To Do That Stuff In Our Backyard When We Were Kids ..

Bob Hay

Great news for the roof tile manufacturers.


Just a rehersal for Nth Korea's real Squid Games - except no choice for participants and no prize.


Makes us look like pussies for pandering to muppets selling AGW rubbish & University students cowering in their safe spaces.


Should be watched by our 'inclusive' thigh raspers who can barely waddle down the street during April parades.


I was waiting for Jong Un to join in but he looked very apprehensive.

Up The Workers!

Somehow I just cannot see ScoMo's 'Cousin Dave' with his fishnet stockings, red high heels and Australian Army camouflage Diversity-mangina, competing with that crew.

Might need a few more Soy-latte's to build him up.

Tony H

I wouldn’t be too alarmed! Rest assured our illustrious defence force is working feverishly on their Diversity, Critical Race Theory and LGBTQI alphabet requirements and ensuring all their quota systems are fulfilled, guaranteed to meet and defeat any threats.


No Trannies?


Impressive but that is only 8 or so the rest of the army are no where near that good.


Yeah, all well and good......but they CAN'T march in gay Mardi Gras and wave LBGTIQXYZ flags!!!....can they!!............so there!!


1 x 7.62mm .

Chris M

Haha poor quality NK building products, almost as weak as Chinese materials.

The synchronised clapping was impressive though.

Steve K

Yeah, we've got pink painted fingernails and rainbow flags. That'll make any enemy think twice about invading.


What a bunch of old fashioned troglodytes. Not a single totally woke (and oh so sweet) female soldier raised by same sex parents who attended gay rights marches in her pram to be seen.

Don't these North Koreans know thy have to get themselves a woke, 21st Century , gender diverse military?

Robert B

It's meant to scare the emaciated locals, not us.

Rational Right

If this charade is supposed to be real, then professional wrestling is completely legit. I reckon my 81 year old mother could break a roof tile with her fist if it had picture of Victoria’s Dear Leader’s image on it.

Bad Boy Bubby

Exactly, goes through muscle like crap through a goose.


Impressive, crazy and creepy.

And Jong Un's sister quietly and unobtrusive in the background just watching. She is more frightening and dangerous than what those soldiers can do or her brother who seems more of a puppet than a leader.


My mother would probably join yours and she's 93!


Bit of anger management may be out of order.


Jong seems to be sitting there quietly wondering if anyone would really be stupid enough to bring roof tiles to an NBC battlefield.

He looks 'amused' at best, and probably wondering why they couldn't just drive some tanks past for half an hour.


DPRK News Bulletin: Due to despicable counterrevolutionary inactivity of the workers at our glorious quarries, cement and brick factories, building materials will henceforth be made from polystyrene, sawdust and pig dung.

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