9PM OTD 1999 - Malcolm Turnbull humiliated by defeat of his Republican referendum
CNN reports on 9 YO Muslim girl sold into marriage with 55 YO man - where have we heard that before?

Cheeky buggers! Crooks use AFP name & badge to market cocaine - AFP Brand!

During a search warrant earlier this week, our friends at NSW Police Force seized a plate that had been made to press cocaine (or other drugs) – with the AFP logo on it…

At the risk of stating the obvious, AFP-branded cocaine isn’t endorsed by us, or anything we actually do. We like to think that our stamp of approval is the handcuffs we place on alleged dealers of this rubbish.

It’s the cocaine the AFP rejects which makes AFP-seized cocaine the best…at leading to arrests.



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Stuart Hamish

" or anything we actually do .... We like to think our stamp of approval is the handcuffs we place on alleged dealers of this rubbish " ....... Did you run that by Mark Standen ? ....Besides with the new Surveillance Legislation Amendment Bill legislation passed in August the Australian Federal Police can now modify delete or add digital data to incriminate and frame 'suspected offenders' or just about anyone with impunity...Imagine entrusting that power in the AFP who bully and pursue vendettas against complainants in their own ranks , who framed [ by withholding evidence ] a PNG pilot on sex crime offences and covered up the terrorist motives of a crazy homosexual bigot who firebombed the Canberra Australian Christian Lobby building ..Gosh the prospect of becoming pariahs at Mardi Gras in the year of the Yes campaign for same sex marriage must have been terrifying ...Hows the investigation going into the Gillard forged letter complaint ? No arrests yet ?


"At the risk of stating the obvious, AFP-branded cocaine isn’t endorsed by us, or anything we actually do"

Oh?.........so you're NOT like the CIA then?

Tit for Tat

There will be no need to fabricate evidence of Gillard's criminal activities there's 1600 pages of evidence that Smithy has from the Vicpol operation Tendament.
It's just a matter her being charged and brought before the court.
The rest is easy guilty as charged.
You might want to study the evidence that's been published on this site before you comment further on the AWU Secret commissions case.
Because once this gets before a judge It's pretty much a forgone conclusion.
Guilty as charged Gillard Wilson and Blewitt plus some other's.

Stuart Hamish

I did not allege any 'fabrication ' of evidence against Julia Gillard .The forged letter complaint relates to an accusation Gillard passed off a falsified letter the AFP has yet to act on despite the rhetoric no politician is above the law ...I have studied the AWU rorts affair evidence published on this site and elsewhere and its no Steele Dossier or Assange smear file .....Why are bullying and abuse rates in the AFP twice the national average ' Tit' ? ...Its an interesting thought experiment isn't it : if they have that much contempt for their own colleagues how do they see and treat the wider public ? ..Perhaps we could ask a facility services contractor subjected to years of belittling torrid abuse in the AFP Melbourne office

Up The Workers!

Maybe so, but I bet their epaulettes aren't half as shiny as the genuine article.

Chris M

Perhaps this is how the federal govt helps to pay for it's profligate financial extravagance. With states now selling 'medicinal' dope, you know it makes sense.

Doubtful John

They're not all nice at the AFP. Michael Wallace stole and resold commercial quantities of seized heroin which got him 12 years. From memory he had 20kgs and about a million dollars in cash when arrested. When he got out he was contracted to carry out a murder by Zoe Zou who paid half up front. He murdered her instead. Then was AFP officer Mark Standen, seconded to the Crime Commission he was right in the thick of the drug dealing.

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