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How far up themselves are Their ABC?

This is the departing ABC's News Director, Gaven Morris.

According to the ABC, he holds "the most important job in Australian journalism".


Not one of, not amongst, but THE most important.

For an organisation that's so biased, so one-sided and gets so much wrong, the ABC should pull it's head in.


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The ABC is seeking an outstanding leader in News and Current Affairs media for the most important job in Australian journalism.

Interest is sought from suitably qualified candidates for the position of Director News, Analysis & Investigations. Reporting to the Managing Director and as a key member of the leadership team, the successful candidate will lead the ABC News team to deliver Australia’s most trusted news coverage, independent journalism, and insightful analysis in the public interest.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced news editorial leader who has a deep understanding of—and passion for—quality news and current affairs, for the needs of Australian audiences and a strong connection with the ABC’s purpose and mission.

They will have extensive experience as a journalist, in senior leadership positions and demonstrated experience in leading a quality, independent news, and current affairs operation, ideally within a broadcasting or publishing environment. They will have a track record of devising and executing strategic priorities to deliver organisational success.

Strong expertise across multiple media platforms, including radio, television, online and mobile is also highly desirable together with extensive networks and connections, both nationally and internationally.

ABC NEWS is Australia's leading and most trusted independent news service on television, radio and online. It has capital city and suburban newsrooms in every State and Territory and currently has 10 international postings, as well as working with the ABC's Regional & Local teams in 48 regional locations. Its broadcast and digital news and current affairs output includes the ABC NEWS website and mobile and social media channels; the continuous ABC NEWS TV channel; ABC NewsRadio; flagship television programs such as the State and Territory 7pm News editions, 7.30, Four Corners, Australian Story, News Breakfast, Q+A, Foreign Correspondent, Insiders and Behind the News; audio programs such as AM, PM and The World Today; and the Asia-Pacific Newsroom.

For more information on working at the ABC visit

Expressions of interest or requests for further information about the position should be directed, in confidence, to [email protected] by 10 January 2022.

The ABC strives for equity and diversity in the workplace, and to promote a culture of opportunity. Through its services the ABC seeks to represent, connect, and engage with all of the Australian community.

The ABC has retained a recruitment consultant to assist the ABC and we respectfully request that Recruitment Agencies do not submit applications for this position.

More of the same for ABC Radio National Breakfast

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Multi-talented broadcaster Patricia Karvelas has been appointed as presenter of the agenda-setting RN Breakfast on ABC Radio.

Karvelas, who is well-known to Radio National listeners as the host of RN Drive, will move into the Breakfast slot in 2022, bringing her passion and expertise to early-morning audiences across the country.

Her appointment was announced on RN Breakfast this morning by presenter Fran Kelly, who finishes with the program this Thursday after 17 years in the role.

Karvelas said: “It is an honour and privilege to step into what I have long considered the best job on radio, setting the national agenda every weekday morning and providing the conversations and interviews that will keep ABC audiences well informed of the issues that affect them. This is particularly important given we are entering an election year.

“I have huge shoes to fill coming after the remarkable Fran Kelly and I am humbled to be the nation’s morning broadcaster at this important time. Fran made the show an important part of the day for news, information and the conversations that help us understand each other. I want to continue that standard.

“I am passionate about getting to the truth and asking questions that I know listeners want asked, regardless of where they live in Australia. Whether it is holding those in power to account or talking about arts and culture or sport, I cannot wait to get behind the RN Breakfast mic and deliver for ABC listeners.”

Michael Carrington, ABC Director of Entertainment & Specialist, said: “I am delighted that PK will bring her insights and energy to RN Breakfast from next year. RN Breakfast is the program that Australians wake up to and PK has something to offer every listener, from political analysis to important and intriguing social and cultural issues from around the world. Her trusted voice will ensure that RN Breakfast continues to set the news agenda for years to come.”

Fran Kelly, who will continue to play a key role at the ABC in 2022, said: “Patricia is a natural fit for RN Breakfast. Her boundless energy and strong journalistic instincts, coupled with her personal warmth and extraordinary work ethic means she has what it takes to keep the program doing what it does best – driving the daily news agenda and bringing the audience along on a wild ride of politics, popular culture, social issues, science, sport and music. There’s no other program like it!

“Patricia and I have worked together on The Party Room podcast for the past five years and I can vouch firsthand for her passion for politics. I will exit on Thursday knowing my beloved RN Breakfast is in great hands.”

Karvelas is a highly respected journalist and presenter, radio and television host, podcaster and political analyst, who has worked across every medium in the Australian media landscape.

Along with RN Drive, which Karvelas has presented since 2015, for the past three years she has hosted Afternoon Briefing, which has grown to be one of the most popular programs on the ABC News Channel.

Karvelas and Kelly together host The Party Room political podcast, which examines the latest news and events from Parliament House in Canberra.

Karvelas has also filled in as host of The Drum and Insiders on ABC TV and frequently offers analysis and insights across a range of ABC radio and television programs. She has also worked as a reporter at triple j and producer in ABC Local Radio.

Outside the ABC, Karvelas has hosted and produced the program Karvelas on Sky News and worked in the Canberra Press Gallery as political correspondent for The Australian newspaper. She has also worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and SBS.

Karvelas lives in Melbourne with her partner and two young daughters.

She will continue to have a regular presence on the ABC News Channel. The new hosts of RN Drive and Afternoon Briefing will be announced in coming weeks.

Click here to listen to Fran Kelly speak with Patricia Karvelas on-air about her appointment.

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Morrison Government announces new social media control laws

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In a world-leading move, the Morrison Government will introduce new court powers to force global social media giants to unmask anonymous online trolls and better protect Australians online.

The reforms will be some of the strongest powers in the world when it comes to tackling damaging comments from anonymous online trolls and holding global social media giants to account.

The reforms will ensure social media companies are considered publishers and can be held liable for defamatory comments posted on their platforms. They can avoid this liability if they provide information that ensures a victim can identify and commence defamation proceedings against the troll.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the rules that exist in the real world should exist online too.

“Social media can too often be a cowards’ palace, where the anonymous can bully, harass and ruin lives without consequence,” the Prime Minister said.

“We would not accept these faceless attacks in a school, at home, in the office, or on the street. And we must not stand for it online, on our devices and in our homes. 

“We cannot allow social media platforms to provide a shield for anonymous trolls to destroy reputations and lives. We cannot allow social media platforms to take no responsibility for the content on their platforms. They cannot enable it, disseminate it, and wash their hands of it. This has to stop.

“These will be some of the strongest powers to tackle online trolls in the world.

“Anonymous trolls are on notice, you will be named and held to account for what you say. Big tech companies are on notice, remove the shield of anonymity or be held to account for what you publish.

“In a free society with free speech, you can't be a coward and attack people and expect not to be held accountable for it.”

The reforms will give victims of defamatory online comments two ways to unmask trolls and resolve disputes.

First, global social media platforms will be required to establish a quick, simple and standardised complaints system that ensures defamatory remarks can be removed and trolls identified with their consent. This recognises that Australians often just want harmful comments removed.

Second, a new Federal Court order will be established that requires social media giants to disclose identifying details of trolls to victims, without consent, which will then enable a defamation case to be lodged.

Importantly, the reforms will also ensure everyday Australians and Australian organisations with a social media page are not legally considered publishers and cannot be held liable for any defamatory comments posted on their page, providing them with certainty.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash said this was in response to the Voller High Court case, which made clear that Australians who maintain social media pages can be ‘publishers’ of defamatory comments made by others on social media—even if the page owner does not know about the comments.

“Since the High Court’s decision in the Voller case, it is clear that ordinary Australians are at risk of being held legally responsible for defamatory material posted by anonymous online trolls,” the Attorney-General said.

“This is not fair and it is not right. Australians expect to be held accountable for their own actions, but shouldn’t be made to pay for the actions of others that they cannot control.

“The reforms will make clear that, in defamation law, Australians who operate or maintain a social media page are not ‘publishers’ of comments made by others.”

The Attorney General said the package of reforms would complement the defamation reforms currently being progressed in partnership with states and territories, and sit alongside the Government’s commitment to improving online safety.

“Social media providers should bear their fair share of responsibility for defamatory material published on their platforms,” the Attorney-General said. ‘This reflects the current law.’

“However, if defamatory comments are made in Australia, and social media providers help victims contact the individuals responsible, it is appropriate they have access to a defence.”

These new powers build on the Morrison Government’s other world-leading reforms, from establishing the eSafety Commissioner, to legislating the new Online Safety Act, to drafting new online privacy laws and securing support for global action to be discussed at the G20 in Indonesia in 2022.

An exposure draft of the legislation will be released in the coming week. This will provide all Australians, the industry, states, territories and stakeholders to have their say on these important new laws.