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Morrison Government announces new social media control laws

Reader KB's heartfelt letter to SA Chief Health Commissar


To the SA Chief Public Health Officer
Dear Professor Spurrier et al.,
  • Thank you for stripping away my role as a volunteer bus driver
  • Thank you for stripping away my wife's job as a kindergarten educator
  • Thank you for stripping away my son's business teaching music at schools
  • Thank you for stripping away my daughter's ability to attend her high school formal
  • Thank you for imposing your health risk/benefit analysis on my family, at the small cost of our careers and livelihood
  • Thank you for bearing that burden
I can't think of anyone more qualified to assume the role of collectivising every South Australian's personal risk/benefit analysis than a woman who is paranoid about footballs spreading Covid-19 into the footie crowd.
I'm especially glad that your health directives haven't impacted your career, income or superannuation.
On behalf of all South Australians who have lost their jobs, careers and livelihoods as a direct result of your decisions, well-intentioned I'm sure, I wish you a safe and happy Christmas.
Yours sincerely,


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Is she giving the white supremacist signal?

Mak Siccar

11/10 KB.

Tony H

Way too Polite and courteous to an ignorant, self serving bureaucrat, who could not give a stuff about any of us! Sorry about your predicament KB, maybe we could pitch in?

Dennis Thompson

I don't understand, does KB mean people who have decided not to take advantage of free vaccinations provided by the Federal Government to the States and Territories for distribution free of charge?

Because I am not aware that any Australian has been "stripped" of anything, but if unvaccinated Australians have been subjected to restrictions for the good of the community as a whole.

I am not in South Australia but in New South Wales the restrictions will end on 15 December 2021 regardless of vaccination status because by then at least 95 per cent of people will be double vaccinated and protected against the worst outcomes possible from the virus and known mutations or strains.

In fact our Premier today stated that the Health Department of NSW has no concerns about the latest reported strain because of the high vaccination number here.

By the way, until I received my second vaccination I was not permitted to sit inside cafes and be involved in other close encounters of more than short duration in public.

Jack J

No...she is demonstrating the size of her husbands appendage.
This explains her hysterical commands.

Robert B

The MSM, in all their wisdom, decided to interview people who were for banning the unvaccinated from attending sporting events. "I don't want to to get infected from someone who is unvaccinated" she squealed, in between complaints about daylight saving fading her curtains. (Before anyone complains, I am aware some have good reasons to hate daylight saving).


ALL the Oz CHOs have been pathetic.
What has happened to university standards that these excuses for medical personnel get through?


Don’t forget; we’re all in this together! Except politicians, public servants etc who have not lost a cent of their luxurious pay packets and entitlements, while locking down the state with their mandates on just about everything. How many of these mandates are legal or enforceable, because I don’t believe any of them have been passed through PARLIAMENT by our elected representatives?

Up The Workers!

If South Australians wish to avoid Covid 19, they'd be better-off to drink some Southwark beer (if that stuff is still made over there).

It'd kill a brown dog at 40 paces!


Like the other CHO's, this week will be one to be remembered. Nearly out the door as media darlings, almost passe, what a lucky reprieve!
A NEW variant, just in time for Christmas! What joy, what a great present to receive.
They are back in business!
Will be interesting to see how this one pans out.

Wayne Shaft

African “ Variant “ Never Saw That One Coming …🙄

Bob Hay

No, that's partly sign language. She's saying, 'We're going to lock you down for just a teeny wee while'.


I think she is too indoctrinated into the W.H.O script to comprehend what is being said to her there. Governments making decisions on the advice of nutty professors, what could go wrong hey?


BTW stay away from any footballs you see !


Could have been worse KB.
You and your family may have been one of the unlucky ones who followed this bureaucrat's mindless regurgitation of the talking points fed to her.


Dennis Thompson you are delusional are you saying NO ONE has been subjected to the state governments NO JAB NO JOB?


Read and think about it.

Some Antibiotics have become useless because they were overly used too much.

** The only people the blame were the people who used them too much - The people who did not use would have had NO effect on them becoming ineffective.

** Some Pesticides have become ineffective because people overused them so the pests built up a resistance.

Yet the Government health officials want us to believe the unvaccinated are the cause for the new covid variants, this does not make logical sense.

Steve K

What do you mean by "free vaccinations"? I didn't realise that the big Pharma companies had donated the vaccines to the Australian government at no cost. I guess those companies must have made their recent billions in profits from some other product.

Julie of Geelong

He would do much better by using his real name and not just initials!!!

Mantaray Yunupingu

It's been noticeable how rapidly your cognitive skills are declining of late. And now we know it's from being vaxed.

Meanwhile, if you are not in serious mental decay you'll e3xplain why FREE = MUST BE TAKEN.

Is it like this with unknown tablets handed out free at music festivals too?

Mantaray Yunupingu

The new variant, if it exists, is being attributed to four fully-vaxed Botswanans arriving in the surrounding Sth Africa.

Thus do the endless "vaccinations" bring closure to the "pandemic".


That pic is actually Nicola demonstrating how to throw the new SA Health vaccine darts at recalcitrant Freedom Day rally marchers.

Mantaray Yunupingu

Ok. I'm naughty in general. I don't wear a helmet when out bushwalking, though a tree branch, or rock, or magpie, or something COULD do me cranial harm.

Do you wear one, for example when driving? Or are you not quite the hysterically froghtened loon you pretend to be since getting the brain-clot inducing 'vax"?

C'mon Dennis. Come out from under mum's bed and live a little!

BTW: As if YOU'LL be sitting in cafes....with such a morbid fear of germies!

John Michelmore

Giving unelected bureaucrats emergency powers needs to stop. This doctor alone lied in television ads by saying Covid vaccines had been approved the same as all other vaccines had. No they haven't, they were given provisional approval which expires and must be renewed. We still dont know the long term effects, but hell you better submit to boosters otherwise more loss of freedom until you comply. What annoys me more is our elected politicians avoid making decisions and probably claim lack of awareness when the wheels fall off like they are now. One week of opening up and we are heading into more lockdowns and restrictions because there is no hope of these so called vaccines keeping up with virus mutations. Sick and tired off it to be honest!

Michelle Two

Thank you petty tyrants for making souls frustrated and cranky because of your mandates that make no sense and are from a place of torture and psychological warfare..
I was in KFC earlier picking up some lunch for to bring home for my son and there were about 5 souls in the store.. one didn't have a mask on (I didn't either it was in my hand) the boy behind the counter asked if we had a mask so put it on my chin, but the other man was told he couldn't be served, so he left the place swearing, not directing it at anyone just many frustrated souls that know these mandates are bullshit.. and they try to con us with more of the same the trojan horse has been let loose... those crowds in the other clip I put up would remind one of the hoardes of souls that were following the master of love to the promised land..

The darkforce battle is still ongoing as they clean up the mess the shadow leaves behind in the rabbit holes, so many distractions are taking place so you know the darkforce have lost ground the Solomon Islands is another distraction but the dark ones are being cornered the panic underground creates the chaos above the ground as they know they have lost ground and the Queen on the chessboard is looking rather ill and making the next moves with Rome as some shithole places are a mess to clean up and to bring the petty tyrants down at the top level, and the rest fall like dominoes but they are and have put into place their plans and they can't not detract from them as they have no other back up plans if things are not working out and fear is not controlling you, they have nothing ..
When you call their bluff they are shocked, but the connection to the data mining and new reset system is the end goal.. they have not build the infrastructure to accommodate the green digital economy and they have to bring the public along for it to work.. love and light xx


Not made in SA anymore. Now made in NSW and they don’t call it “green death” for nothing.


In Victoria, MP's and bureaucrats have all had significant pay rises during the pandemic. When they say "we are all in this together", they don't mean with the general populace.

It is scandalous that the senior public sector employees and MP's did not share the economic burden of lockdowns when they enforced them on the private sector. We should never forget what they did in the name of "public health", when the virus could not impact a major proportion of the population (look at Sweden where they had no lockdowns - 10% of the population infected, 1.26% mortality (of the 10%, meaning 0.15% of the population has died from/with COVID).

This was never a pandemic in Australia (epidemic maybe, but not pandemic)- with or without lockdowns. The government take us for fools.


Indigenous have served Michael Gunner with official documents. They have been stamped and received by supreme court.

Michael "Eyeballs" Gunner, has been served!


If I want to work with children, I must first undergo a Working With Children Check (WWCC). Obtaining a WWCC card has not always been a requirement for working with children, but it is a requirement now - and a mandatory one at that. No-one forces me to obtain a WWCC card - I have total freedom to decide whether to apply for a card or not. But if I choose not to apply for a WWCC card, then I am not able to work with children. It is as simple as that. For the safety of children, only WWCC cardholders can work in jobs involving children. No card, no job. So, if I choose NOT to apply for a WWCC card, does that mean I am being discriminated against in terms of certain employment avenues? Is my freedom being eroded? In both instances, the answer is an emphatic "NO!" The choices I make have consequences. And the consequences that flow from a freely made choice have absolutely nothing to do with discrimination or freedom.


Haha "Commissar"


Your logic is flawed, the WWCC as a requirement is so undesirable people do not come into contact with children.

No jab no job. Is nothing but blackmailing people to take the vaccine, the one that if you have it you can still catch the virus and can still pass it to others.

The statistics that vaccinated are less likely to end up in hospital are not true when you look at the figures coming out of some countries.

Notice how in the beginning the states would say how many were in hospital that were vaccinated and unvaccinated as of October 18th they stopped doing that because the numbers of vaccinated admitted to hospital was rising too high by comparison the unvaccinated going to hospital.


I love it when people talk about Free Health Care, as if there is any such thing.
Another observation is that I think the previous CHO Young, in Queensland looks like a smoker & Spurrier might be one too.

Weird how the Australian Government has pitted people against each other & how some people have embraced it.
The only time that anyone bitched at me for getting too close in public, was when I was visiting Tucson & buying something at a Walgreens & I moved up to the counter where some old guy was buying a small bottle of Bourbon.
He growled at me to keep my distance & I told him that he needed a bigger bottle of Bourbon to take care of his anxiety.
When the restaurants closed in NY, we were the last people out & when they opened in Tuscon, I was the first person in - only person in the whole place actually. I got really good food & service.


Nothing to do with this entire debacle has made any sense at all - overuse of antibacterials was always a no no too, but that went out of the window, along with anything that I ever learned in Nursing School & in all the years that I worked for ARC & Blood Banks.
I bought a container of Lysol Wipes in early 2020 - never even opened it.
Speaking about Pandemics/ Epidemics - back in 2020, when we had a TV & my husband watched Lou Dobbs on Fox Business every evening- I sat on the couch looking at news on my iPad. I swear ol Lou Dobbs spent most of his segment blathering on about us being in a Pandemic & why was the Government not calling it that. I finally got sick of it & told my husband to turn it off & he did. Then we gave our TV away.
Anyway Ol Lou was part of the problem IMO, he disappeared off Fox after that, reminds me a bit of how Alan Jones did from Sky News.

Up The Workers!

Nah...I hear that this new seasonal variant is contagious from cricket balls.

John Michelmore

Austr, That's fine, but don't complain when your grand children must obtain a parenting card to have children. Don't complain when males must be sterilised to work with children. Above all don't complain when one of your family has a debilitating "vaccine" side effect that will destroy their future life! Take it from me myocarditis is a horrendous loss off freedom!!! Wake up!

Micky C

There are no known or unknown dangerous health effects with the WWCC unlike like these vaccines. Also having a WWCC doesn't stop you from molesting children just like the vaccines don't stop you from catching or spreading COVID.


NOTHING is free................someone somewhere paid for it down the line!!


"C'mon Dennis. Come out from under mum's bed and live a little!"

Frankly, here's one person I prefer NOT to be engaging socially anywhere!!
Idiocy at his magnitude is bound to spread to those lesser prepared or protected!!


I had that ONCE!!.....It tasted like it had been strained through a Camel drivers jockstrap..........then something really bad was added!!


Then there will be no reason for a Australian cricketer could hit a ball into the stands at the moment!


It won't stop until WE stop it!!


Well Said

Coochin Kid

If you don't choke on the sediment in it. Shocking stuff.


That reminds me of the horrible green beer we drank (or tried to) at the top of the L'Aiguille du Midi a few years ago!


Maybe he did but changed to just his initials to post here as that is how he is known here.


Great! better yet they served papers against Gunner himself not the office of the commissioner of the NT


CountryBumpkin, I know - I have had Private Health Insurance since I was 18 & I’m almost 70 & still have it. I try not to use it though - never been a fan of Doctors & am less of a fan since this whole Covid debacle.


Wow - while you are at the bottom of the barrel can you have a look for my grandfather's cuff links? Pretty sure they were taken during a break in a couple of years back but I do live in hope I might one day see them again.

So... Let me embarrass you shall I?

If you choose not to do a job that involves children, are they any other jobs/careers you could take?

Does a WWCC expire after 4 to 5 months to the extent you are now more dodgy than ever?

Does having a WWCC mean that you have exactly (some might say more) chance of being unsuitable to be near children than anti-WWCC?

Can a WWCC be utterly failed and lead to Breakthrough Children?

Do people who don't want to work with children need to be forced to work with children?

Does not having a WWCC make you a danger to children you don't even work with?

And - pay attention here - does getting a WWCC carry a risk of death, permanent injury and Adverse Events serious enough to force people into hospital?

See how you are trying to compare not so much apples to oranges, but a relatively minor background check with a drug process that may cause your death?

By your logic people without driver's license shouldn't be allowed to ride in cars.

Austr? You should stick to the flawed "I got my German Measles vaccination when I was a child" comparison instead. As flawed as they are at least both the German Measles and the Jab both involve needles.

Steve J

What he said.
Steve Hilton on Fox at -1.41 on the Scarient.
Fauci says he is THE SCIENCE.


You are correct - getting the vaccine does not stop you from getting or spreading COVID. No-one has ever suggested getting the vaccine will prevent you from getting or spreading COVID. But the evidence suggests that getting the vaccine will significantly reduce the chance of you getting or spreading COVID. The strategy here is not risk elimination. Rather, the strategy is risk minimization. It is commonsense to minimize risk in an uncertain environment.


Your colorful and exaggerated response to my original did not embarrass me in the least. To the contrary, I read your words with interest. They gave me greater insight into the thinking and logic of those on the other side of the debate.


"this does not make logical sense."

When you wield unrestrained power like a drunk wielding a sledgehammer it's not about making sense, it's about making careless impact!!

John Sheldrick

I will continue to rely on my "top notch" Immune System honed after 69 years of living on this Planet. I will not risk impairing it for an experimental gene therapy emergency approved potion that also requires booster shots every other nanosecond....................And, these potions are NOT FREE..........

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