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Reader KB's heartfelt letter to SA Chief Health Commissar


To the SA Chief Public Health Officer
Dear Professor Spurrier et al.,
  • Thank you for stripping away my role as a volunteer bus driver
  • Thank you for stripping away my wife's job as a kindergarten educator
  • Thank you for stripping away my son's business teaching music at schools
  • Thank you for stripping away my daughter's ability to attend her high school formal
  • Thank you for imposing your health risk/benefit analysis on my family, at the small cost of our careers and livelihood
  • Thank you for bearing that burden
I can't think of anyone more qualified to assume the role of collectivising every South Australian's personal risk/benefit analysis than a woman who is paranoid about footballs spreading Covid-19 into the footie crowd.
I'm especially glad that your health directives haven't impacted your career, income or superannuation.
On behalf of all South Australians who have lost their jobs, careers and livelihoods as a direct result of your decisions, well-intentioned I'm sure, I wish you a safe and happy Christmas.
Yours sincerely,