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Their ABC finds a way to downplay hundreds of thousands of fair dinkum Aussie protesters

Reader KB writes:
Who does the ABC single out for commentary on the anti-lockdown, vaccine mandate protests across Australia?
Antifa, who counter-protested in support of lockdowns and vaccine mandates, of course.
Because the ABC always goes out of its way to show the other side's point-of-view....
And to top it off, he's let their ABC know
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Subject: RE - "Thousands of anti-lockdown, vaccine mandate protesters march at COVID rallies across Australia"
Dear Ms Johnson,
In an article supposedly about "thousands of anti-lockdown, vaccine mandate protesters", whose voice does the ABC choose to give prominence?

The ABC is so predictably and prejudicially partisan, it's pathetic.
Yours sincerely,