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Today we remember Vietnam War Veteran F35135 Lieutenant Barbara Black. Lest We Forget.

We Remember Lieutenant Barbara Black

Today we pause to remember the life and service of F35135 Lieutenant Barbara Frances Black, a nursing sister who died of illness on the 3rd of November 1971.
Some 511 servicemen and one servicewoman were killed in active service in Vietnam. Barbara was that servicewoman. She served with the First Australian Field Hospital in the Royal Australian Nursing Corps in Vang Tau, South Vietnam.
Whilst in Vietnam she was diagnosed with leukaemia, which was untreatable at the time. She was not told of her diagnosis but advised to seek medical advice on her return to Australia.
After returning to Australia she fell pregnant. Realising the likely outcome of her illness she discovered that benefits in the Veterans’ Entitlement Act, that might be available to her child after her death, were not the same as for male veterans. Even though she was very sick, and under treatment, she lobbied the Commonwealth Government and the Act was amended.
Barbara passed away on the 3rd of November at the age of 25, not long after the birth of her daughter. Despite dying in Australia, she is still considered to have been a casualty of war.
Lest we forget.
With thanks to the Australian Military History group.
Lest We Forget.