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New York moronic variant governor declares 'Disaster Emergency' over moronic variant - despite zero cases

You got that right UK Government.

What's the moronic variant for '2 weeks to flatten the curve'?

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People may not be willing to accept further coronavirus restrictions and the government will have to find a different policy if the majority refuse to back tougher curbs, Professor Chris Whitty has suggested.

The chief medical officer for England said his “greatest worry at the moment” was that the public would not consent to another round of restrictions on their daily lives after nearly two years of being constrained by the pandemic.

Though he said it was too early to speculate whether fresh measures would be needed to deal with the Omicron variant, Whitty offered a relatively upbeat assessment of the Delta epidemic in Britain, saying the outlook was “actually reasonably manageable”.

He accepted that polling currently suggested support for restrictions if needed, but was nevertheless concerned about “behavioural fatigue”, fear of which delayed the imposition of the first lockdown last year.

Whitty was one of the proponents of the idea that restrictions could not be imposed too early or people would give up on them. That concern that ultimately proved unfounded, but he told council chiefs that he was still worried about public consent to any further measures scientists might feel were needed.

He said: “My greatest worry at the moment is that if we need to do something more muscular, at some point, whether it’s for the current new variant or at some later stage, can we still take people with us?”