Jay Weatherill, double-vaccinated, got Covid, so sick he "can't talk"
The ballad of Kristina Keneally.


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Up The Workers!

Fauci should be careful that silly old Paedo-Joe the flatulent, incontinent Taliban Toe-Rag doesn't mistake HIM for his wife and start getting amorous.

After all, he famously once confused his wife with his own sister and he confused the Pope for a lavatory attendant, and God knows what he confused Camilla Parker-Bowels for when he farted loudly, longly and pungently on her.


The never ending Senior's moment.

'The Simpsons: Old Gray Mare'



Logic has entered the chat, watch the MSM go for the kill shot on this:



Who's President, Donald Trump is President, you senile old bastard.


I swear, if someone managed to ever hack his teleprompter, the scene from Bruce Almighty would be repeated for real.

And the Dems once joked about Reagan and the nuclear launch button next to his bed?
I wouldn't let this guy near his own belly button.

robert griffiths

Subliminal slip


He does that frequently, remember when he said this -


PDJT should be President, but Obama, Valerie Jarrett & Susan Rice are busy in the background - then Fao Chi, Soros, Zuckerberg, Gates, Bezos, Dorsey & the rest of them are buying input.
Bezos donated $100 Million to Obama’s Library recently - that’s laundered money for keeping the Southern Border open & the promise of cheap labor.
Zuckerberg spent $400 Million to influence the last election.


O/T What is the point of having laws? Unelected EU "leader" says that the nuremberg code should be thrown out and completely ignored, in favour of force vaccinating all dissenters. Where is the uproar? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/heels-austria-germany-locking-unvaccinated-eu-leader-calls-throwing-nuremberg-code-favor-forced-vaccinating-dissenters/


Now we know whos in charge. You described him well, Fauci.

Joe Biden Officially Admits that Dr. Fauci is Actually President 'But all kidding aside, I sincerely mean it'


If Ursula von der Leyen is in favour of throwing out the Nuremberg Code I wonder if she would be in favour of being thrown out of the EU for being a descendant of a slave owner family from Charleston, South Carolina.

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