Nuffy Lefties who run US State of Oregon propose PERMANENT mask mandates
CNN sacks Cuomo - still investigating him "as appropriate"

Outside Insiders - Bill 'Intrepid' T braves swooping birds & burly cops to get snubbed by Josh Frydenberg!

Lovely to see Bill enjoying Melbourne's annual hour of great weather!

Bill, you are fearless, focussed and the creator of a unique video record of life from Joe Average's viewpoint - you're priceless mate (and anything but average!).

Thanks for Outside Insiders this year - keep sticking it to them in 2022 brother.

Here's Bill:

It seems that Josh Frydenberg, or his security advisers, weren’t willing for him to run the horrendous gauntlet of one old bloke with a GoPro this morning…
On the other hand, I had to endure numerous swooping myna/mynah birds at Southbank. They seem to have muscled in on the swooping territory previously reserved for magpies...
Bill T