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Smart-arse Therapeutic Albanese can't help himself - even at a Christmas event for kids.


Excuse my language, but what a prick.

Albanese is wheeling out his carefully presented shopping trolley of presents, ostensibly for the annual Salvation Army/K-Mart Wishing Tree Appeal.

But in typical sleazy deadshit Albanese style, his gifts weren't intended to make children happy - they were carefully briefed out to selected media in advance - which resulted in stories like this one appearing within minutes of the event.

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Anthony Albanese brutally trolled Scott Morrison as he donated a basket of gifts to the Salvation Army.

The Labor leader joined his Liberal counterpart, Greens leader Adam Bandt and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce to place the gifts under the Christmas tree in the Prime Minister's Parliament House office on Wednesday morning.   

Although it was meant to be a bi-partisan show of support for the charity's Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, Mr Albanese couldn't resist making a few political points.

Mr Albanese donated an Eiffel Tower puzzle in apparent reference to Scott Morrison's frosty relationship with France after the Prime Minister cancelled a major submarine deal with Paris in September.

The basket also featured a fire truck which may have been a reference to Mr Morrison infamously saying 'I don't hold a hose, mate' when explaining why he went on holiday to Hawaii during the 2019 summer bushfires.

Also among Mr Albanese's gift was a solar windmill - a possible reference to how he has blasted the Government for announcing a net zero by 2050 target without any new policies to cut emissions. 



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