More great advice from Florida
Maraca hands Adam Bandt hasn't lost his touch!


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Get woke go broke. Example #97254

White people make such fools of themselves over "racism".


They have just been listening to rap songs where black singers use the n word constantly for various reasons

Up The Workers!

More charming Leftards.

Preach one thing; say and do the precisely the opposite.

Arthur ("Two Wongs don't make a White") Calwell and Goof (“I’m not having hundreds of f*cking Vietnamese Balts coming into this country with their religious and political hatreds against us!”) Witless, would be so proud of them, as would Fidels' lad, 'Just A Truedope' with his Leftard Saturday night Blackface comedy act; the Dementiacrat dregs of the Confederacy now in Washington and all our Labor State Misgovernments with their vile Apartheid system they are currently introducing "for Health purposes".

The Left are truly revolting!


There was another Olympics Game where they thought same thing


Cops got nothing better to do? They are the lap dogs of the govt. They serve with no concious. They question nothing. I don't bother shopping anymore unless I have to. If shop keepers want me to go back to the mall they need to stand up for their consumers. So as you say go woke go broke.

Qld police now protecting criminal government while abusing citizens. It is reprehensible and disturbing and Un-Australian… police brutality will NEVER be forgotten.. they have become a shameful disgrace!

This is apparently a Vaccine only shopping centre in QLD.

Up The Workers!

Maybe all the athletes and I.O.C. Members should get back on the planes and fly home, giving the racist hosts an international one-fingered salute even before the games begin?

Has Deadly Dan's boss, Xi JinPing, got any more face to lose?

The man not only has bats in his Wuhan soup, he's got them in his belfry as well.

Michelle Two

The 3d matrix is gone nuts think I want to hop off now and go home..
The company I buy bottled water from had gone carbon neutral, so they pay money to the rich guys so they can build windmills or solar farms and the company gets the feel goods because they have now offset their carbon emissions, but they didn't change practices but did as the 'Green Gods' told him to do in order he join the Globalist Club, this would be like your jab passport but the business model.. you pay the elite so you can run a business or have a job.. idiots do they know what they do sell us into slavery.
They get the spring water from deep underground and bottle it.
Mask kids up to make them safe, after jabbing them and testing them for a virus, they send them to school in hot rooms with no ventilation as they haven't even finished hooking up the airconditioners yet they only have the covers installed on the ceiling not the main motor that makes them run, not sure the school power board has enough to power them all as one building can't even run a and light xx


Racism is objective!

Using race to vilify or degrade has levels from acceptable to reprehensible...depending on who is paying and how much!!

Which is why MLK said "The content of their character and not the colour of their skin"


Revolting pigs those Chinese people yelling out the N word. Do those miserable racist group of Chinese people come from the valley of pigs?.


Racism is an obvious chink in the CCP's armour


UM the only place that I have ever seen Penzeys Spices in in Tucson & they are really expensive, so I never bothered to buy them.
Mind you, the best spices that I have ever used - I bought in the Middle East in 1996, ditto for the perfumed oils. I am still using one of the Perfumed Oils & my sisters was still using the spices, up until last year.

Anyway serve that jackass right, their shops have been closed since January, but in asking for people to buy Gift Cards, he is most likely just trying to get in more money before he goes bankrupt.


For the life of me I cannot understand for one minute, why anyone would attend the CCP Olympics.


Well the NFL & NBA, along with Apple & the other large US Corporations that sold out to the CCP ‘ BOUGHT’ that crap upon themselves.


Jesse Owens


Just wait till they turn off the coal fired power stations.My tip is to invest in a decent generator because I don't see that OUR betters are likely to come to their senses any time soon,unless WE vote them out.


Countering a perceived racist slur with a racist slur -outstanding work there.

There is a lot not to like about China currently but anyone who has worked in China or studied the Mandarin language would be aware of the following:

--In Chinese, the term nei ge or na ge literally means "that" or "that one," and is widely used in daily speech. It also acts as a filler word during pauses, similar to the English words "um" or "like."--
A phrase that has been in common use for hundreds of years long before superior social justice warriors 'realised' they needed to protect people with African heritage.


WHY ARE WE NOT SURPRISED? Far-left, so-called ‘Jewish’ group, the Anti-Defamation League, hires self-hating, anti-Israel Jew as Jewish Outreach Director

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) hires a Director for Jewish Outreach who hates Jews, hates Israel, and thinks “Jews have to be OK with Palestinians explaining why they turn to terrorism.”


I wonder what Queen Hussein Obama says about this?

His black half brother who lives in China, is married to a Chinese woman


'A lot of the stuff that Barack wrote is wrong': Obama's half-brother releases memoir contradicting President's life story and exposing their violent father's abuse


No, we’re not a normal family, says Obama’s Jewish half-brother
Meet Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo, the China-based son of Barack Sr.’s third wife. A dream about the biblical Daniel prompted him to reconnect with the president

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