Drama queen Therapeutic Albanese ramping up the fear - drop the mandates instead
Anti-Defamation League changes definition of racism so that it only applies to white people


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So this is what keeping us "safe" has done. I notice McDonalds is still open.

Gerard Flood

If Slippery Josh doesn't pull up his socks, his 'Liberal' contempt for Small Business people will become more widely known. The Libs from Howard-Costello onwards have a solid history of contempt for Small Business, demonstrated by their stupid and bad behavior in the good Barnaby Joyce's 2007 Trade Practices 'Birdsville Amendment' fiasco: "Tax bureaucrats try to sneak one through" selfemployedaustralia.com.au/tax-bureaucrats-try-to-sneak-one-through/


Albo can turn them all into R.A.T. free handout shopfronts.

Michelle Two

The darkforce collapsing I wonder how many of the buildings and property developments they had control of in that lot, same as all city centres where the investment bankers ripped off small businesses, and the big chain stores under different conditions made big profits, and used the governmemts covid money to stay afloat in lockdowns..love and light xx

Liz of Vic

Yes it is the same here in Melborune, the city look filthy and empty, too many empty shops as well.
Andrews is also against small business, it was quite clear during t the Covid, small shops were supposed to get some financial help, well I love to know how many did get assistance, not many as far as I have heard.

Julie of Geelong

You want to come to Geelong - every second shop is closed in the main drag!!!

Only shops that are open are in Westfield Shopping Centre!!


Small business, the Cold Ghost of the Gold Coast

Wayne Shaft

Small Businesses’s Have NO Place In Ze Great Reset Agenda….🧑🏼‍🦲Klaus Schwab..


There has been signs on one of the boarded up shops in my local shopping centre for 14 months.
The signs say "coming soon - new exciting venture opening".
It seems pretty obvious that nobody wants to outlay $$$ to open a business when they can be closed down at the first sniffle.


If Morrison loses Canberra, Qld and Vic ALP are dead meat because people don't want wall to wall Labor.


Well Morrison should pull his head pull of his head out of his ars
Al he has done is grovelled to the green Labor and throw out anyone that has any conservative intention.
He is a cowardly mug that has encouraged the destruction of our freedom our electricity and he he encouraged the destruction of small business, education and the family unit.
Regardless of the BS that he sprouts his pathetic actions are proof that he only serves his UN dogs.
Any conservative in the LNP is tossed out by this useless PM.

One Born Every Minute

Have not been to Sufferers Paradise in decades. Not about to change my mind, any time soon.

One Born Every Minute

Yes, well, Westfield..Lowry..and those False Flags over the years. Those that have done thei homework, know. And that special handshake.

One Born Every Minute

Fitzgerald to head Qld Inquiry Watchdog.

Another snow job coming up!

Love these regurgitated retreads. NOT


It’s not just Melbourne it’s all over Victoria shops and small family farm produce sales.
Anyone who votes Labor/Liberal/Greens or Nationals needs their head thoroughly examined.


All part of the plan. Watch who offers these politicians very high paying jobs as soon as they leave office...


THis is too shocking

These government overlords have blood on their hands

Criminals every one of them


OT. As well as having connections to 9/11 and the AWU-WRA scandal, your reference to Westfield reminded me of something else I read today. Peter Goldsmith is a non executive director of the Westfield Group. He is a partner of the international law firm Debevoise and Plimpton who assisted the Democratic Party in the 2nd impeachment trial of Donald Trump. They also represented suspected terrorists detained at Guantanamo Bay. Goldsmith was appointed Her Majesty’s Attorney General in June 2001 and “one of his first acts was to discuss breaches of the injunction against publishing the whereabouts of the offenders in the murder of James Bulger.” There were rumours the offenders would be given new identities in Australia, Canada or New Zealand. Goldsmith resigned his position as AG the same day Tony Blair stepped down as PM.

An interesting article about the death of David Kelly, WMD inspector, and events that led to Tony Blair’s resignation.

Curiously in 2005 the late Douglas Wood of Australia was kidnapped in Iraq and later rescued.


It wouldn’t be any different if the other mob was in.

One Born Every Minute

100% correct.


These days I think anyone who votes needs their head examined, it's a bit like insanity, we keep doing it and expecting a different result.


S0orry I just wonder if you all have had enough yet

Me I am still feeding the FAMILY without any Government help

You can flush tu*rds not these people


That lipstick on a pig Premier of Queensland & her state government are a government of bloody vandals!!.

Up The Workers!

Question: How do you commence a Small Business in Queensland?

Answer: First you start off with a Big Business.

Michelle Two

Is there actually another mob as they are very silent in all states against taking away our freedom mandates.. love and light xx

Harry Malone

Don’t know what you’re worried about.... Maccas is still open.


Don't be surprised if you find that ScoMo and CO are behind this legislation.Just because they say one thing,doesn't mean that it's so.ScoMo and CO are lying back stabbing assholes.


And guess who else is backing ScoMO??????Did you know that our very own Greg Hunt worked for Klaus Schwarb of the WEF in 2001?Hmm,velly interesting..........


But they are pretty good at knocking up"Internment Camps?"Kurt.


The ALP hates everyone!

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