The Nobody's Girl Manifesto - everything to everyone. A 'senior minister' in an Albanese Government.
GONG XI FA CAI!!! 恭禧發財

Malcolm Turnbull goes in to bat for the BBC/ABC on the 'attempted coup' in the US and other fantasies.


Malcolm Turnbull

The BBC, like its Australian counterpart the ABC, is more important than ever. Both of these public broadcasters have a legal commitment to deliver accurate and impartial news and current affairs. 

Our liberal democracies are under enormous stress today. Not from authoritarian China and Russia, but from the corrosion of integrity in our public life, the normalisation of lying and so much of our media’s move away from reality.

In the world’s most powerful and consequential democracy, the United States, a majority of Republican voters believe that Donald Trump won the last presidential election. This lie was promoted by right-wing media, especially Murdoch’s Fox News, and led directly to the attempted coup on 6th January last year. 

Wherever we look we see the abandonment of reality. Thousands die unvaccinated because they have been told lies about Covid, just as they have been deceived about the reality of global warming. 

Very often the blame for all this is laid at the door of social media platforms. But mainstream publishers have not been far behind the crazy posts on Facebook. 

In years past, most mainstream publishers, even those that traditionally leaned to one side of politics or the other, would nonetheless report the news with a high degree of accuracy. Facts mattered. Alas, they all too rarely do today.

Critics of public broadcasting would always ask: “why should the government fund a publisher to do what the private sector is doing?” Yet all too often now the private sector is failing to do the vital job of providing factual news and current affairs. 

We used to believe that competition was the key; that in the free market of news and ideas the truth would prevail. Well in the US, home of the First Amendment, politics is drowning in lies. 

There is a massive public interest in ensuring that we do not descend into the world of  “alternative facts.” Strong editorial leadership is vital: facts must be checked, commentary should be balanced. In a frantic rush to post stories online, the temptation to cut corners is immense—but it must be resisted. 

A year on from the attempted coup in Washington, we should not be complacent about our democracies. As things fall apart, a strong, trusted source of accurate and impartial news and information will help ensure the centre is held.

Malcolm Turnbull was prime minister of Australia from 2015-2018




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BBC, ABC and SBS - all Fake News outlets.
Can't watch any of them.
Can I have my tax $$s back please.


Great to see globalist puppet Turnball panicking because people are waking up to their lies


Feel like avoiding something, but not sure what to choose? It is now easy. Just avoid any opinion or information source promoted by the good man Trumble.


Malcolm, if you think they do this quote "have a legal commitment to deliver accurate and impartial news" you really do need help.


Malcolm is totally deranged.

John Sheldrick

What a load of "tosh" from a "has been"..............Go away and play in the traffic Mr Malcontent..................


What a goose! Tell Taiwan and Ukraine they're not under 'enormous stress ... from authoritarian China and Russia'.

Robert B

His preferred source of facts are out there again telling people that the severe snow storms in the US are due to climate change, as scientists predicted.

The unreliable media are using what was really said to show that only predictions of less snow were made. There was no warning of snow storms becoming more severe. At best, a report from 3 years ago claims "But the most damaging types of storms along the Eastern Seaboard, which strike every few years or so and cause widespread disruption, will remain about as frequent in a warming world."

As much as I would like to severely punish the lying bastards, I know that if I could that I would quickly become the Robespierre that Malcolm aspires to be.


A very well written piece but as with all lefties it completely projects the problems and the danger of the left on the other side.

As a narcissist, there is obviously a complete lack of self-awareness not to mention huge amounts of hypocrisy


The irrelevant fake conservative ex PM appears to be spreading "misinformation".

He got one thing right though.....

"Strong editorial leadership is vital: facts must be checked, commentary should be balanced"

Clearly he must have been referring to the ABC or CNN, or perhaps the Canadian BC.

Has Malcolm finally seen what appallingly biassed propaganda machines they both are?


OT - "Australian researchers launch COVID-19 calculator that ..."

"24 Oct 2021 — A COVID-19 risk calculator that allows people to assess their chances of catching coronavirus and dying from it, based on their age, gender, ... ABC News QLD"

Estimated deaths per 10,000 COVID-19 cases by age, sex, and vaccination status
Australia, January 2022. Version 2.0" >>>> PDF from Immunisation Coalition >>>> CoRiCal

Try googling the following: PDF from Immunisation Coalition >>>> CoRiCal


KRudd v.2.

Says it all really.


A coupla things to note; A) ultra rich elitists living in $20 million mansions etc etc, who use the term "right wing" as a put-down are NEVER to be taken seriously on any matter, since they are living proof that self and loved ones COMES FIRST, while denying the very basis of their entire life experience to everyone else. and B) the concern expressed for "the thousands dying unvaxed" does not extend to the millions dying or being harmed BY THE JABS: a monstrous leftist liar as always.

Still, i do habve alaugh every time I see him (not HEAR or READ him though)

Paul Howell

Attempted coup ? Yet not one person charged with that. Has this clown watched or read “ the Murdoch media “.
He is devoid of facts and any proof , yet he ignores not only the BBC and our ABC blatant political bias, he also ignores the shift to the left with 7, 9, 10 and most print media in Australia. Deceitfully deluded. Facts no longer matter

Up The Workers!

Malcontent Turncoat of the Australian LIARS Party.

You'd get less hot air from a public lavatory hand-blower!

Tony Johnson

“Corrosion of integrity” and “normalisation of lying”........more about himself again?

jim cross

Just like the BBC and the ABC, MR Turnbull, you are full of schitt and totally divorced from reality. BTW where is all that $440m taxpayer money you gave away to save the GBR? Perhaps the ABC could find out for all decent Australians who are not rabid leftist lunatics.


He is responsible for the demise of the liberal party.With any luck come this election,the lib/nats and leibor/greens will be no more.They have been snowing us for the last 50 odd years.May they all rot in hell for what they have done to this country.


Give him a hanky for his drivel....
Can't stand the man, what a waste of space!


Biggest tosser in the Southern Hemisphere . This bloke will sell the country down the drain in a trice . Media WHORE .

Annie rich

Good morning. Wouldn’t it be luverly if the 2 ex PM of Australia just curl up and disappear, leave their opinions to them selfs. Just a pure drain on our senses.

Dennis Thompson

The former Minister for Communications in the Abbott Coalition Government who, after ABC had broadcast some nasty material smearing Prime Minister Abbott, allowed himself to be photographed standing alongside the ABC MD wagging his finger at him while smirking pretending to be admonishing the MD.

In 2015 when Prime Minister Abbott lost the leadership after a narrow vote by Liberal MPs he spoke to media and suggested that they should ignore leaked information (from Cabinet) unless the informant was prepared to be named. Of course he was referring to the LINO faction relentless undermining of him from when he became Opposition Leader in 2009 until he was replaced when he was PM in 2015.

I understand that the influence of the LINO left has declined in recent years but they are still doing mischief, example the appalling display of disloyalty in a Federal Election year by the LINO NSW Treasurer who claimed that Federal financial assistance should be forthcoming right now, he said when he announced a new financial package from the NSW Coalition Government that he was disappointed that he was not standing alongside the PM (why not the Federal Treasurer?) making a joint announcement of new funding.

The Federal Government funding for State declared State of Emergency lockdowns and restrictions and adverse impact on people and businesses has been huge, far more for example than what the NSW Government has provided overall.


Every time he speaks it confirms that my initial impression of slime ball backstabbing dingbat fool of a man TURNBULL was correct


I have no issue with the concept of a national broadcaster, just it's clear bias towards the left and it's inherent lack of balanced reporting. And given that bias and imbalance, how we all must pay for "their ABC". I never watch ABC's News and Current Affairs "offerings" as they are unwatchable - as unwatchable as 60 MInutes and A Current Affair to name a few.

The ABC Board has a lot to answer for. At least with the commercial free-to-air offerings, I don't have to pay for it.


Everyone should just post how Turdbull was captured by China
And remind him of that

Malcolm Turnbull's son is married to the princeling daughter of 2 high up Chinese communist officials

Is Malcolm Turnbull 'soft' on China because of his family connections?


A piece by the Australian Financial Review reports that alleged that US sources view Malcolm Turnbull as soft on China given his son’s marriage to a ‘princeling’ daughter of senior Chinese Communist Party officials was immediately countered as factually inaccurate with the Prime Minister’s daughter-in-law’s father born into a ‘capitalist’ family and tending pigs during the Cultural Revolution.


Future lockdowns should be ‘rejected out of hand’, new international report says

All Malcolm's mates support lockdowns

Lockdowns have “had little to no effect on” reducing deaths from Covid-19 and should be “rejected out of hand” for dealing with the next pandemic, according to a new international study that comes amid falling confidence in public health authorities in the US.

Business closures and stay at home orders in the US and Europe reduced deaths by 0.2 per cent on average, according to a new analysis by American and Swedish researchers that questioned whether the novel health policy, pioneered by China in Wuhan in early 2020, would pass a cost-benefit analysis.

“Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century,” the authors said, suggesting their “marginal at best” benefits needed to be compared with their “devastating effects”.

“They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy.”



Mr Morrison will also today promise $2.2 billion in research funding for local industry while acknowledging community frustration over the handling of the Omicron wave of COVID-19, including a shortage of rapid testing kits and the economic hit to businesses.

It comes after anti-vaccination protesters confronted police outside Parliament House in Canberra yesterday. More demonstrations are expected this week, although almost $170,000 raised for a national protest against vaccine mandates has been FROZEN by crowd-funding website GoFundMe.

Why do people use GoFundMe????


Patronising ABC no longer relevant in the digital era

Conjuring up a mental image of a battling farmer, ear to the radio, waiting to hear that sale yard price for ewes was once a source of relief from ABC irritability syndrome. City dwellers could avoid being driven nuts by the national broadcaster in the same way they cope with a week of heavy rain, by treating it as a blessing for farmers. A new report into the ABC’s regional service has shattered that illusion. It turns out people in the country tune in to the national broadcaster in much the same manner as those in the city; that is to say, not very much at all.

A survey of 1000 people in regional and rural Australia conducted by Compass Polling for the Page Research Centre shows the ABC is almost irrelevant to most daily lives, offering very little of value they can’t find elsewhere. Only 20 per cent tuned into ABC local radio at least once a week and only 8 per cent listened to Radio National. Instead, they tuned into commercial radio (35 per cent), podcasts (12 per cent) and internet radio (10 per cent).

The golden era of regional public broadcasting is in any case a mirage. From the mid-1930s, commercial radio stations such as 4AK on the Darling Downs out-muscled ABC stations by pumping city programs to the furthest corners of their states using up to 2000 watts of signal strength from transmitting towers 70m high. NSW senator Guy Arkins was demanding a royal commission as far back as 1936 claiming the ABC was wasting the bulk of the £800,000 it received from listener licences and the public deserved to know more of what went on behind the its closed doors.

Today the ABC’s biggest challenge is the arrival of ubiquitous fast broadband and vastly improved mobile services. There is little point in listening patiently to Country Hour when the price of sorghum futures, long-range weather forecasts and storm warnings are readily available in the palm of your hand. The survey found only 6 per cent of ABC listeners tuned in for regionally focused programs such as Country Hour, an audience that can only be expected to decline still further as digital offerings expand.

In the broadcast entertainment market, ABC-TV captures the attention of a minority of country viewers for a short time. Only 36 per cent watch ABC more than an hour a week. By comparison, 54 per cent spent more than an hour watching streaming services, such as Netflix, 21 per cent spent more than an hour watching subscription services such as Foxtel and 36 per cent watched YouTube for 60 minutes or more.


Yet the Page Research Centre report found the ABC’s commitment to diversity and inclusion seldom stretches to those living outside the cities with the exception of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

For the ABC, “contemporary Australia means the voices and stories of women; Aboriginal Australians; people with disabilities; people from non-English-speaking backgrounds; and people who are broadly labelled as ‘queer’ ”, the report says. “It seems that regional Australia is not part of contemporary Australia and, sadly, country yokels are to be laughed at and patronised. In other words, the ABC’s structural biases on diversity relate to people’s personal characteristics, not the geography of Australian communities.”


I would say Turdbull is a bit confused but he is not. He is simply saying what his masters are telling him to say. To correct the record. No attempted coup on Jan 6th. A real coup on Nov 3rd. Covid is the common cold, and the vaccines are not vaccines. Man made global warming is a scam. Censorship has never worked well in any society. The truth is coming out and I think Turdbull may have good reason to be concerned about that. With the rats deserting the sinking ship, and all those skeletons in the closet, this prick must know he is all in.
PS: where's our $400M tax money you gave to your mates.


The Turd refers to "the abandonment of reality".

Is his expertise on that topic that of an insider?


Poor old Turd, have a Bex and a lay down.


Malcolm Turnbull was the worst prime minister that Australia ever had from 2015-2018.


pretending to develop ethics & concern for others in your declining years mal
TOO LATE ??????
tell us about Goldman Sachs , HIH , FAI ,
Support for ETS , Goldman Sachs again, trader in Carbon Credits
Leaking documents on K Packer????
your trading on the stock exchange whilst PM that Australian companies shares would
it goes on,on, on,
Suggested reading " Born to Rule" Paddy Manning


When you use your religion like Morrison did to con the quiet Australians, he has had lots of tuition, his friend Turnbull would be top of the list.


Yes please.
Bring back the days of TV and radio licenses. I promise to only watch discs.

Steve J

"The Federal Government funding for State declared State of Emergency lockdowns and restrictions and adverse impact on people and businesses has been huge,"
But.. but...but... I thought the lockdowns and mandates were all the doing of those terrible State Governments.
Could the States have done it without the huge support of the Feds??Could they have run their mandates without access to Medicare records for the green ticks.
Would any of it stood up to legal challenge if the Feds had use their power to make regulations under the bio security Act and cover the field.
Could the Feds at least have tried to pass legislation under the external affairs power to put the tin pot dictators in their place.
God knows there are enough human rights abuses happening to keep another Nuremberg tribunal busy for years.
Could it just possibly be that none of this has happened because Morrison and most of his Cabinet actually backed most of this Bullshit while making noises about no mandates etc etc.
There is at least one thing I can agree with you on. Albanese and his fellow retards would be much much worse.
God help us all because that's what looks like happening.


Rosanne Boyland

Phillip Anderson (left) was with Rosanne Boyland when she was trampled to death after Capitol Police pepper spread peaceful protesters. "She was holding my hand when she died."[1]

Rosanne Boyland was a peaceful protester who was reportedly beaten to death[2] by DC Metro Police officer Lila Morris at the J6 protests. Morris was seen on video beating Boyland with devastating force as Boyland lay unconscious on the U.S. Capitol steps. Fake news media reports attributed her death to a drug overdose. Philip Anderson, a victim of Antifa violence in San Francisco in the fall of 2020[3][4], held Boyland's hand at the time of her death.[5] A second eyewitness came forward and made an audio recorded statement to Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit.[6]


What I would like to say to you little malcolm I know that Michael would not allow to be said on his pages.
I sincerely hope that your trip to that very hot place, no I am not talking about the deserts where you are all planning you hiatus, that other place is to come to you sooner rather than later.

Iain Russell

Too kind by far!

Stu of FNQ

I am related to the ghost, I truly wished I wasn't


You are about to be disillusioned yet again, the left is strong in the Liberal party, some are better hiding it than others. Some like to prematurely celebrate their victories. Which is good for us as they expose themselves again and again.
The party of Robert Menzies is dead.


Malcolm Turnbull is walking on very very dangerous ground. Someone should send him this link about what is to come for the elites and vax pushers. Excellent interview with good information both financial and health at the end but grim warnings about what is coming for the elites.


Watch this, his time is coming:

Up The Workers!

His fan-club membership is fully subscribed with a membership of one.

He is a self-made man who devoutly adores his creator every morning in the bathroom mirror!

Could he and Krudd the Munificent be former Siamese twins who were joined at the quoit?

Terence M


Quite so. That's the only part of MT's rant that's actually true. The rest exposes the real deceitful MT who either needs serious help or shutdown or both.

Up The Workers!

As Darth Vader would say: "Ahh...the E-coli is STRONG in this one!"

Up The Workers!

Malcontent Turncoat of the Australian LIARS Party makes Used Car Salesmen, Real Estate Agents and Humpty Dumpty Leftard Chief "Health" Officers sound almost credible.


Remember you can still choose your friends.

Up The Workers!

Back in the 1950's and 1960's, EVERYBODY had T.V. licences because T.V. (all 3 or 4 channels of it) was the only show in town.

Nowadays, if Licences were reimposed, nobody other than lobotomised, rusted-on Labor goons would get one, because free-to-air T.V. is just now just multiple channels bullshitting everybody from the same page of the same Labor hymn book, with the same Leftard lies, propaganda and bigotry.

Not on the Left

This is the same man who, when Liberal PM, secretly advocated for, and helped set up, The Guardian (which is avowedly anti-conservative media) in Australia.

Enough said!

Once a lefty, always a lefty.


This piece of rubbish has stabbed more people in the back than you can count .


Exactly. And the rusted on lefties would not pay anything within a bull’s roar of the money their ABC is raking in now.


Turnbull still has not gotten over being rejected as an ALP member/leader. He definitely fitted their leadership criteria being as arrogant as Paul Keating, pompous as Bob Carr and politically astute as Julia Gillard and yet they still turned him down. What is left to do but join the Liberals and try to turn them into a green/Labor party under his magnificent leadership? Since that did not work out either he is left to just squawk from the sidelines his bile and frustration.


While this jerk rabbits on, and the frauds at the ABC etc shriek about how "misinformed" the anti-gene-jabbers are...The Guardian: Ultra leftist mouthpiece) notes....1st f
February 2022...

"Austria has lifted its “lockdown of the unvaccinated”, Switzerland is gearing up for a “turbo” reopening and Germany’s finance minister has demanded an end date for Covid curbs as more countries prepare to ease pandemic controls....

It follows the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and France, who last week began to take steps to return to a semblance of normal life, with the Danish government declaring Covid-19 “should no longer be categorised as a socially critical disease” after 31 January".

The scam: the death dealing is over....for now, with only a handful of pure-bloods left, to repopulate the Earth....

"Get your stinking hands off me you damned dirty gene-jabbing APES!!"


Qld guv'mint ordered State archivist to falsify annual reports....


The last person who should be listened to on any subject.


'A year on from the attempted coup in Washington,...'

Attempted coup! What the ..... with no guns? Just angry people roaming around inside the building being a nuisance. Just like the unionists breaking into our Parliament House in 1996. Was that a coup as well, Malcolm?

Anyway, compare those 'attempted coups' with this incident.


All excess mRNA vaccine ought to be gently placed directly into Turnbull, as soon as practicable. That would solve several immediate problems. It would also rate as an indisputable good thing.

Michelle Two

The information battlefront and tge Mockingbird is sick but the psychological battlefield isn't won yet so many still 8n fear and conditioned..
Listening to the conversation earlier, at least 3 out of 4 fear catching the Moronic version as they have elderly parents..the other one fears everything even his biological gender the odd one out was me who kept silent..when they are that far gone you can't help them, they are well read usually but have changed over the last 2 yrs, even though they also speak about the bullshit and propaganda..
Some souls are going to be catching up when the controlled media falls.
The man that build my house that had a heart attack is now back in hospital, he had 4 valves of his heart blocked and had big op in Sydney bit shortlived he was rushed back to hospitalthis time with Covid they said my guess would be low immunity and internaldamage, not sure he will bounce and light xx

Dennis Thompson

My advice to you is to please think that through.

Too many incorrect assumptions.

But you are not alone, people do not seem to know much about the powers and responsibilities of our Commonwealth of Australia, a Federation of States formed from former British Colonies that were separately governed and that retained most of the powers and responsibilities they had as Colonial Government.

Dennis Thompson

I do understand that Val, but I am also aware of the diminishing influence the LINO left now have.

If Menzies' Australian Liberal Party is "dead" I don't believe that the many real Liberals know that, or Nationals like one who recently agreed with me when I criticised a LINO and questioned his motives and loyalty.

Dennis Thompson


Liz of Vic


Turnbull has not only family connections with China, but also does business with them.

And when their ABC will start to broadcast true and unbiased commentary, let me know, I might tune in again.

Why was Turnbull not asked to resign from the Liberal Party?

Until he is I will not be voting for them.

Liz of Vic


Great photo of the traitor!!

Michelle Two

The government have now handed the gaslighting to the corporate world and IR..
My latest memo that has mentioned a positive case through the workplace mentions you don't have to do anything and watch for symptoms..
RAT tests are not mandatory in workplaces but if you get a positive you report to Worksafe NSW so not sure of other states..
You don't even have to tell close contacts or workmates..
So it sounds like the darkforce have run out of steam and are using the boss for the dirty work, as narcissistic souls do..
So be interesting to see if I get gaslighted as the education department seem to be under attack from bureacracy to prop up and booster up, maybe the darkforce believes they only have control of this sector because they are public and light xx


I wish you were right.
Just can’t see it myself.
Anyway I will once again not vote for Tudge.

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