According to the Anti-Defamation League, this is not racism.
Roads are shit, tolls are high - but at least we have new Aboriginal signs up.


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Francis de De Groot's Love Child

Release them all - into the care of a Greens politician. Let them house and feed them.


The mentally ill can have such passion at times

9yrs to wake up to themselves and go back home to have a go at entering this Country the right way. What a bunch of dickheads.

Cath from Coffs

They are free to leave and return to their homelands any time they like.


Any politician that would try to inflict thousands of potential welfare for lifers on taxpayers should NEVER be elected.


Instead of dealing with these people in a proper fashion they detain them for nine years. This is not reasonable for a civilized society.

This gets us used to the absurd. It gets us ready to accept lockdowns. I heard they were going for a 10 year lockdown. We have already had 2 so whats another 8 years?

It gets us ready to accept anything. It's okay for big pharma to release it's data in 75 years on vaccines.

Up The Workers!

If they entered this country as undocumented, queue-jumping, parasites and freeloaders, then they HAVE committed a crime - just as we would if we entered their country illegally.

The Greens may not like it, but even in Australia, the rule of law still applies (sometimes).

You always know for certain that you are on the right side of the fence, when the cretinous idiots from the Brown Movement are on the opposite side of it.

Tony Johnson

Can someone remind this goose that they are effing illegals.....
They are only where they are now due to coming to the mainland for (mostly false) medical treatment, and it is the Greens and other activists they are keeping them there by not allowing transfer back to Manus.


People are so quick to criticise without getting all the facts. The idiot who opined that they should have used a glass breaking tool, because everyone gets around with one of them don't they. Well except for the cops who asked for old mates help.

Well done mate you did a good job!

Not on the Left

This despicable piece of "human" refuse said absolutely nothing about his fellow Victorians who were forced to suffer nine months of virtual home detention, nor about brutal police treatment of largely peaceful protesters.

However, his own party members threw themselves enthusiastically into
supporting Dictator Dan publicly, and in the Upper House, by voting in favour of DD's measures.

As far as I am concerned he can go @#$% himself!


2 Cath from Coffs,

You bet ! & agreed ! If they dont like it here just go & leave us alone !

& as for those screeching middle-aged "Karens":(ie) these bullies who want to demand adherence to "Illegal" Corporate Laws" & haunt Shopping-Centres can go & get stuffed too !

Smee again

Hey Adam will they all be living with and supported by you?

Maybe you can get them jobs as extras on Sea Patrol?

Smee again

You need to watch this Professor of Immunology from Newcastle NSW University, very enlightening if you have the ability to follow what he is saying:-

Michelle Two

Think Adam needs some Bees in Flight with his invisible Maraca's .. at least they should give him some sound affects he is an entertainer after all on his soap box, on the corner of the street.. they used to do that in centuries gone by.. not much changes only the clothes in each and light xx


Classical Greens policy - dopey individuals easily fooled. These are the "useful idiots" as the Communists used to call them, but because the Greens are in fact the new Communists, one must wonder are the Greens this stupid or are other plans afoot?


This is what Canadians think of Sparkel Socks Truedope's Covid camps



They should deport them like they did Djokovic & Ol Adam should have a party & invite his pants down - or is he trying to start a new ankle length fad for men, oh & polish his shoes too.


Yes, I watched it a couple of days ago. Our stupid politicians need to watch this. They might learn something.

Robert B

They weren't detained for 9 years. You might agree with them about not being able to go home but they can leave whenever they choose.

I'm sure that you and the Greens would have had the police detain me for real if I squatted in your home.


Nah, that is not muscle memory playing the maracas, that is from " milking " Green Supporters for ... donations.

[ Channeling Richo - literally, whatever it takes ]


Thanks UM....I was wondering what the incursion onto centre court was on Sunday night.

Whatever happened to the good old fashioned streaker? Especially the female types.....Good entertainment when the cricket was getting a bit boring.

Up The Workers!

As with the so-called "Stolen Generation" or the "Rising Sea Levels" gillardings, can Adam Ant and the Brown Movement name just 10 people who: "...have been locked up for 9 years, now at the Park Hotel, Melbourne"?

You wouldn't find more crap at the Werribee Sewage Treatment Plant.

And these dingbats are the A.L.P.'s intellectual, scientific and Policy wonks and mentors.

Davey Boy

Been locked up for 9 years you claim Adam.

Nine years ago was 1st February 2013 when you and your Greens were in Government with the ALP.

Why didn't you do something when you had your Maraca Hands on the levers of government Adam?



Just think.There are people(?sic)who vote for these traitors.

Dennis Thompson

Adam Bandt's girlfriend was a staffer in the Office of Prime Minister Gillard.

Greens and Labor are not close are they.

Julie of Geelong

Yep, he can put a couple of them up in his spare room if he’s so worried about them.

Or, alternatively, they can go back to where they came from!!

Dennis Thompson

Locked up for nine years (held in a detention centre offshore free to go out and not being prisoners they can ask to be deported to their home country), now at the Park Hotel (VicGov quarantine contractor hotel after flying in from offshore detention using the since repealed Medivac legislation that Dr Phelps MP, the Greens, Labor and others voted for that enabled failed asylum seekers to get into Australia and lodge new appeals against the original decision not to grant them asylum).

Free them? And effectively extend their stay as refugee advocate lawyers lodge appeal after appeal to delay deportation orders. As with the family from Sri Lanka who have managed to avoid deportation because of court orders delaying the deportation order being actioned.

The offshore detention processing deterrent was first introduced by the Howard Coalition Government for their Pacific Solution to stop people smuggling boats, offshore processing and if asylum application was rejected no chance of settling in Australia and accessing Centrelink.

Rudd Labor abandoned Pacific Solution and allowed over 50,000 illegal immigrants to settle here on temporary protection visas. And by encouraging people smugglers to get back into that horrible business a couple of thousand of their clients were lost at sea and bodies never found.

"Cruel Liberal-Labor regime"?

Who do you think you're kidding Adam Bandt, your mob supported Rudd Labor abandoning Pacific Solution.

Dennis Thompson

We all know that the Greens will most probably help Albo Labor into government at the next election, it's the preferential voting system and trickle down from primary votes lottery.

With consideration for this time in our nation's history it is not a time to change government.

The Greens are the major minor party and from January 2022 polls are supported by 7%, the Hanson and Palmer parties polled 3% and 1%, well below the Greens. So why risk another Labor with Greens support Federal Government by helping to water down the Liberal-National vote even if you believe that yours is a protest vote aimed at PM Morrison, after all unless you live in his electorate you can't vote for or against him.


Imagine holding a political rally and being the only one in camera shot.

Should have advertised it as a combined anti-mandate rally - you might have got thousands.


They were not 'locked up' for 9 years in the Melbourne Park Hotel but arrived on boats when Labor PM Kevin Rudd in 2008 opened the borders (Howard Coalition Govt Pacific Solution was torn up by Rudd-Gillard Labor) so that daily arrivals of boats from Indonesia/Malaysia/Sri Lanka - over 50,000 - many without any proof of identity. Many drowned at sea off Christmas Is.

Finally, the Abbott Coalition Govt introduced laws & they were sent to Manus/Nauru - all expenses paid by Australian taxpayers costing billions$, to either return to their home country or any other country but they would not settle in Australia.

When Malcolm Turnbull the Abbott Govt Communications Minister backstabbed PM Abbott to take over as PM. Turnbull resigned as PM - causing a bi-election which saw Turnbull's son Alex,with GetUp & others campaigning for Dr Kerryn Phelps to win the bi-election.

Kerryn Phelps with the help of Labor-Greens & some Independents introduced laws to allow the boatpeople in Manus-Nauru to be flown to Australia for 'medical treatment' despite the fact medical treatment & all other services were freely available to these foreign freeloaders. Many arrived in Australia but chose not to have medical consultation once they arrived in Australia.

If Labor-Greens win the next election - it will be a free for all from all parts of the world without any security/identity checks or proof of identity. Economic migrants. False identity documents are already available in Malaysia - Pauline Hanson reported on this after her visit there.

Britain is facing the same problem with boatloads of people transiting various countries to reach Europe then onto France-Calais then onto people smugglers boats to get into their country of choice - Britain! What is the attraction? Free welfare benefits for life, free education, health services, subsidised public housing - more children then bigger houses & more welfare!


SA born Adam Bandt, whose parents migrated from Germany, was a dedicated Labor Party member & followed in the footsteps of Julia Gillard-AWU to work for the Union lawyers in Melbourne Slater & Gordon. He is married to Labor PM Gillard's staffer in the PM's office from the time she was employed in Gillard's office!They have a daughter.

Bandt failed to gain Vic.Labor Party support & Lindsay Tanner won the ALP selection, to get into Federal Parliament, so Adam Bandt jumped ship to join the loony Greens Party & won the Melbourne seat in the Federal Parliament. The only Greens MP in the House of Reps in Canberra no doubt with support of all the political leftist-socialist-Marxist/activists.

Stuart Hamish

GJohn's correct me if I'm wrong but is Adam Bandt's aggressive rhetoric not open to the same charge of "incitement' that Topher Field , Zoe Buhler and an ADF veteran were arrested for ? ..The pregnant Zoe Buhler did not call for a violent seditious overthrow of a serving government....She merely suggested a protest on Facebook . All Topher did was promote his documentary
Unless the Victoria Police [ allegedly at the prompting of the Victorian Department of Health ] arrested Zoe and Topher for the 'wrong opinions ' and to make an example of them ....

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