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Matt Kean's lefty leaks to Hadley gradually getting exposed.


Boy Minister Matt Kean thinks he's Premier material, so heaven help anyone who stands in his way.
The trouble is, his ambition is somewhat transparent. 
It's well known around NSW politics that Kean is the best leak in town. 
Perrottet is from the Right - and even though Kean pretends to be loyal, he's been gradually chipping away at the target, putting to practice the lefty's regular tactic .. destabilise and pounce. 
So, it makes sense that Kean could find love from an angry, irrational, COVID bedwetting Ray Hadley. 
Nice to see Mark Latham also calling Kean out.
Latham went on 2GB to accuse Kean of leaking against the Premier to ...2GB. 
Interestingly, the Boy Minister hasn't denied it :

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2GB broadcaster Ray Hadley has launched a bizarre tirade against the NSW Premier in which he aired unproven, anonymous allegations about a Christmas party.

Hadley said the claims were leaked to him from within the government. But senior government sources said they are completely wide of the mark.

The shock jock told listeners on Tuesday morning that the Premier made comments at a Christmas party about not “caving in” to NSW Health on reimposing restrictions and that he had been drinking.It came after Mr Perrottet was forced to downplay allegations Treasurer Matt Kean was leaking from cabinet’s Covid subcommittee.

One Nation Leader Mark Latham last week claimed Mr Kean was leaking to Hadley against the Premier. Mr Kean has denied the allegation.

Hadley on Tuesday said multiple people in government were briefing him on internal discussions, declaring he has never revealed his sources to the One Nation leader.

Asked by 2GB’s Ben Fordham if there is a leak in the Covid cabinet, Mr Perrottet said: “I don’t know”.

“I don’t believe that to be true,” the Premier said when pressed on Mr Latham’s claim.Hadley also dismissed Mr Latham’s allegation.

“There’s only two people that would know the truth of this matter, I’m one of them and Mark Latham is not the other,” Hadley told Fordham.