Magnificent - Joe Rogan responds to Spotify criticism
According to the Anti-Defamation League, this is not racism.


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Julie of Geelong

Never were truer words written!!

Steve K

Those words should be written in big letters on the gates of every illegal immigrant detention centre.


That's where the whiny ex-actress from New York was born. Small world!

Geoff Williams

Can we borrow this sign with one small modification? Substitute AUSTRALIA for FLORIDA.


You're two years too bloody late son!!

Michelle Two

I did read a good quote just now..
"When it is obvious that the goals can not be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps".. Confucius

With that "Expect powerful change" as we shift this energy.. hold the vision of the outcome you wish but keep going and meet each challenge as it appears, you don't know what you don't know, until it hits your awareness their will be signs that the angels will send down when you ask for them and are clear and come from the heart, like magic the answers will appear.. in fact I do believe you already have them.. what was it you were calling to manifest as it feels like soul is in that wave like motion of emotions and light xx


Julie, I remember here in Australia a while back there used to be a saying that said ... Fit in or F*ck Off". I think that, that is more straightforward but off course we were called racists at the time.


Florida seems the ideal place to be!

Geoffrey of Perth


This has been around a while and the sentiments are those of many of us.

I figure they are better targetted to migrants, particularly those from a certain religious background, that have come to Australia with the objective of trying to make our country like the shiteholes that they have left. I refer to some intellectual lightweight politicians who think that they know more than the people to whom they are servants.

I am more than happy to open the door so they can leave and the sooner the better.


We need to turn the clock back instead.


It is not unusual for people who go from one place to another to live, to want somethings to be like their old place - I have seen it many times over the years. I belonged for many years to an Ex-Pat site over here, called Mates Up Over & a lot of the Aussies on there wanted the US to be just like the Australia that they left & they were pretty darn vocal about it.
They also remembered Australia with Rose Colored Glasses, they whined about not going home, but they never seemed to be able to either - meanwhile I did go back almost annually & we did go back to live for a few years.
For my part, people here in the US have always treated me very well - I was afforded many opportunities & training in the workplace over the years, on the other hand, we did come across some anti-American rhetoric in a couple of places in Australia, that made me feel unwelcome.
Rockhampton was the worst & Yeppoon not too far behind. My husband applied to CQU in 2005, to study, using his GI Bill, but was turned down in an email, in which the person stated that it was not possible to use that means of funding.
He already knew it was acceptable, because he had looked at going to Sippy Downs.
He replied to the email & sent it to the Writer’s Boss & various other people at CQU - his application was approved - had absolutely nothing to do with the writer being of Middle Eastern extraction. Sensitive times!
At one point his teacher asked to meet my husband for coffee in town in Yeppoon to talk about his degree. She brought her child & while they were having coffee, she asked my husband if he would mind if she fed it.
Anyway she flopped out her boob & fed the kid, then swapped it over to the other side & my husband didn’t know where to look. He said that he thought she was going to give the kid some baby food. She always signed her emails - With warmest Regards.
Anyway my husband sat an exam - he was studying diligently & went so far to go online & research all the latest information & legislation & included that in his answers. They marked him wrong & when he pointed out that that was the latest legislation - they agreed that it was, but told him that he had to stick to what was in the book. Then they told him that he had to write a letter to dispute it, but said that it was unlikely to be overturned.
We found out that the people who were marking exam papers were usually people who had just graduated.

We didn’t find the AntI-American sentiment in Brisbane, or on the Sunshine Coast - people seemed to accept us more readily, but I was the person who got fed up with the BS on the Capricorn Coast & suggested that we go back to the US - I just got tired of it in the public realm.


Denise .. the place does not matter ..with respect's the LEADERSHIP that makes the difference !


Unfortunately,they won't take the hint and F*^#^ off.The only way to stop this nonsense is to vote these ass-whipes out.For the last 50 or so years they have been feeding us BS at EVERY election.Put the lib/nats and leibor/greens out come the next election.

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