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An Australian Choice For Australians

Today the Australian Republic Movement has unveiled its model for an Australian republic.

The model, aptly named the Australian Choice, proposes that Australia’s parliaments nominate candidates for Head of State, who would be put to a national ballot of all Australian voters. The Head of State would be elected for a five-year term and be responsible for appointing as Prime Minister the person who has majority support in the House of Representatives, or calling an election if no-one can obtain that support. The Head of State would have no individual authority in relation to the setting of government policy, day-to-day governance or passing of laws, which remains the responsibility of the parliament, Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The ARM’s consultation found that this approach to choosing our Head of State would achieve majority support at a vote nationally, in all states, across all age groups, party voting intentions and among men and women. ARM research found that 73% of Australians would vote for a republic if the Australian Choice Model was put to a referendum.

The Model has a stronger chance of success at a referendum than any other model previously proposed. It was developed through extensive consultation over the past 24 months with the public, supporters of an Australian republic, academics and parliamentarians. More than 10,000 Australians contributed their views through surveys, nationally representative polls, submissions and consultation meetings. 

Proposing a specific model is essential to overcome uncertainty about Australia becoming a republic, which is the primary barrier to change. ARM research found that 92% of Australians are open to the idea of a republic, with only 8% opposed to any form of change.

Chair of the Australian Republic Movement Peter FitzSimons AM said that the Australian Choice Model ensures Australians will have a robust choice from eminently qualified, suitable candidates to represent them as Head of State.

“We’ve consulted, we’ve listened closely and Australians have told us this approach will give our nation the best chance of success at a referendum, with an overwhelming majority of Australians likely to back the change.”

“This will give all Australian voters a merit-based choice about who speaks for them as Head of State. The decision will be in their hands, unlike now, where it is luck of the draw who we get from the British Royal Family.

“I would like to thank both the thousands upon thousands of Australians who shared their views with us so we could take this historic step forward, and the constitutional experts who helped us refine it” Mr FitzSimons said.

The ARM is supporting the launch of the Australian Choice Model with an ad campaign, which can be seen here:


The ARM’s policy in detail is available here:

The+Australian+Choice+Model+-+Policy+Summary The+Australian+Choice+Model+-+Policy+Summary

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