Maraca hands Adam Bandt hasn't lost his touch!
The Nobody's Girl Manifesto - everything to everyone. A 'senior minister' in an Albanese Government.


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Michelle Two

Aren't they missing the le?? "Dark in jungle" of Australia were you are bound to get lost if you follow the new signs, and if you don't get swallowed by a pothole first..
Perception is everything to appease the few in the psychological war of divide and conquer, the only trouble is they wish to conquer us all after the divide creates the civil wars where the tribes fight each other and the enemy comes in and changes all the rules while you are and light xx


Nek minnit

'ABC Black Comedy: Indigenous GPS'


I love a smooth surface to drive on But hey the “welcome to country signs will make all the potholes disappear into the Dreamtime. Ahh I feel so enlightened, FFS fix those roads.

Bikinis not Burkas

When are we getting the signs recognizing the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM, don't they outnumber the "First Nations" people, if they don't they soon will the way the Commonwealth Government is bringing them in by the plane loads and the Labor Party changed the laws to allow people smugglers to bring them in by the boat loads!

Please note the NSW Police arrested 115 of the warring, murdering Muslims and friends in Sydney this last weekend:-

Police seized GUNS, DRUGS and CASH total estimated value of $5.4 million.

Do you want these people living next to you, how about in your street, what about in your neighborhood?

Remember at the next Commonwealth Election both Labor and Liberal are in a love affair with the MURDEROUS IDEOLOGY of ISLAM!

Keep your eyes open to keep your head on!

On This Day...
Jan 31, 2014: Sayyida Zeinab, Syria
Worshipers blown to bits at a Shiite shrine include five children:

71 Killed


Have you been taking trains lately?
All the roads are being fixed just in time for the next
Federal Election, as usual!

Smee again bro

Notice they are all childish finger paintings?
Dots, lines and squiggles.


That sign is FUNNY

If I didnt know better I would say its "Dark Injun Country"

And that-IS RACIST I'm afraid

Just Thinkin'


Smee again

Please explain WHICH COUNTRY we are being welcomed to?


Aborigines deserve the roads they had prior to 1788. In fact, they deserve everything they enjoyed before that year and they can have all the screaming bedwetting Leftists with them - I'm sure their sense of virtue would be enhanced by living as aborigines once lived.


Who did they welcome with this ceremony before 1788? Ancient ceremony my arse. Ernie dingo started it as a joke in the late 1990s.


I'm sure said roadsigns will be a great comfort to the women and children who are bashed and abused in certain of the outback communities.


look at the roadside overgrowth.....once it completely dries out you have a scrub fire beckoning. they wonder why they have bushfire and the reason is clearly visible/

it's begging to be burned but no virtual signaling is the go.

Barry J

Michelle I think they just misspelt the word. They mistakenly
used a "j" when it should have been a "d"


I often read about people who are either deeply committed to or passionate about absolute drivel these days. I wonder if true Aboriginal and Torres Islanders people care or even know about the signs.

White Knight



Ernie Dingo began "Welcome to Country" in 1976 - there was an Arts Festival of some sort in Perth, and a visiting group of South Sea Islander dancers wanted a "welcome to Country" ceremony before they agreed to preform.


Me thinks you should all get a life if such a simple sign causes you such angst.


One country, many nations.. First nation and the rest of us. Thats no way govern a Commonwealth.


Conservatives whinging about road tolls, you gotta be kidding me. Toll roads are the dream of Conservatives, user pays, smaller government and all that stuff. Hypocracy writ large. If you don't like tolls but want good roads expect to pay more tax. You lot must think money grows on trees.

Major Elvis Newton

Noble savage black armband nonsense.

Simple Simon

You beat me to it.

Simple Simon

"Incredible outcomes"--don't believe it. ;-)


It is not the sign, It is the fact they ask for something get it, then ask for more get it then ask for more and like idiots our politicians give it to them.

There is no end to what they want.


This continues the work begun by the Australian Communist Party to introduced a separate independent Aboriginal Communist Republic. The Communists began this plan after the Second World War. The movement follows from Joseph Stalin's the National Question Book. The Lefties are the useful idiots in the plan.

vung tau ferry pogo


In true leftoid fashion, you completely miss the point Craig.

Then in true leftoid fashion you attempt to divert attention away from the point by pretending it is all about tolls.

When these attempts fail we will no doubt soon see you attempt your third and final leftoid technique .... calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist.

Textbook stuff mate. Why don't you comment on the inherently racist action of putting up signs designed to divide the nation and who pays for them? A bit too complicated for you no doubt.

Up The Workers!

Next thing you know with the Leftard racists carving up the nation into these new imaginary divisions, you will have Border Guards, Passport Controls, Permit fees and Aboriginal "traditional owners" health authorities imposing 14-day quarantines on Australian citizens attempting to travel through these localities.

I thought these imbeciles were attempting to backstab nations and impose "One World Socialist Misgovernment" - not to fragment it further.


How long before these country signs will be peppered with shot gun holes


LNP or alp/greens did this virtue signalling nonsense?

Up The Workers!

Will we also soon also see signs marking the borders of "England", "Scotland" and "Wales", the three "tribes" that the A.L.P.B.C.'s Fauxboriginal, Pommy Bruce Pascoe comically claims to hail from?

Of more historical interest, might be National Trust-type signs affixed to the doors of individual prison cells, describing the list of all the Labor/Union pollies who have ever lodged in there, the dates of their respective prison terms and what particular crimes they were imprisoned for.

It would be a distinguished (extinguished?) list of names, from the Party's criminal former Federal President Michael Williamson, (who STILL hasn't paid back the $20 MILLION he thieved from the pockets of the lowest-paid Unionists in the nation), State Premiers such as Brian Burke, Ministers such as Rex Jackson and Milton "The Molester" Orkopoulos, on down the line through dozens of others.

Could be the beginning of a whole new tourist industry just there!


Hate to rain on your parade maaate,but WE have been paying for these roads(more like goat tracks)for the last 50 or 60 years and every 3 years when its election time the politicians promise us all these new roads until they get elected and then we get what?NOTHING.STOP VOTING FOR THE BASTARDS.

Up The Workers!

Labor voters probably don't even know about them.

They're so dumb, they don't even know how to spell their own Party name properly.

LABOR(sic) - They have no place for "U"!

Dennis Thompson

"Roads are shit"? I live in country NSW and before COVID-19 I travelled regularly interstate and intrastate and following the election of the Coalition, following 16-years of Labor infrastructure neglect including country roads, the roadworks underway have been impressive and not ignoring the weather damages from floods needing repairs dealt with.

Consider the massive new roadworks, tunnels and motorways around Sydney, that NSW Labor often use to complain about road tolls ignoring that without private sector involvement and road tools the new transport links could not have been built, and still being constructed. Wran Labor actually sold the public lands purchased and set aside for planned road links around the inner city and other suburbs like from Cammeray to Northbridge.

And then consider the upgrading of public transport including rail, light rail and road public transport, former Premier Berejiklian pointed out that fares only cover about half of public transport operating costs.

Labor neglect when in government, State or Federal, is legendary, in NSW before 1965 and then from 1976 onwards, and consider the sale of electricity assets in NSW by KK Labor handed over as a deal in processing when Labor lost power after 16-years in NSW.

Don't ignore Federal Government, Rudd, Gillard & Rudd 2007 to 2013.

Dennis Thompson

Ask local councils to please explain and question the lack of burning off permits issued by councils, and land clearing to remove fuel on the ground too.

Dennis Thompson

Why? Most roads are State and Local Government responsibility, and with the National Highway with Federal funding contributions.


"Welcoming visitors to Country has been a huge part of the Aboriginal culture for thousands of years" Fact check anybody?


Repeat a lie often enough and people believe it. Can you imagine how many "retreat weekends" held at some expensive resort would have been required to come up with this nonsense. At our expense, of course.
Apart from the absolute untruth about welcoming ceremonies,( which is now so firmly entrenched in every bureaucrat's mind), didn't anyone point out to these bureaucrats that the origin of dot painting came from aborigines from a reserve near Alice Springs in the 1970's. They started doing this with the guidance of a white male teacher. Ooooh!
This fact is being gradually obscured from view as the myths around it are being built ever stronger. Soon no child in Australia will know the real facts about either of these fraudulent behaviours.

Julie of Geelong

Yep - gotta get the signs up. Don’t want to offend anyone!!!

Bob Hay

Bet you can't beat one we have over here south of Perth.
Everybody knows it as Mandurah but road signs insist Mandjoogoordap.


I presume that the signage idiots did not spare a thought for the confusion of the International tourists as even Aussies will be getting lost if our fair dinkum Aussie signs are replaced by this nonsense. Australia is being ruined because the so called Conservatives have never stood up to these Communist nincompoops so loved by Labor, the Greens and the pseudo Independents.

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