Roads are shit, tolls are high - but at least we have new Aboriginal signs up.
Malcolm Turnbull goes in to bat for the BBC/ABC on the 'attempted coup' in the US and other fantasies.


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HaHa. If one were to believe that one would believe anything.


It will only be an AnAl led govt if (1) the Aust public are stupid as to believe the shit he is dribbling daily. (2) Bill, the rapist doesn’t (read will) does a job in him within weeks, ably assisted by her and a few others.


The swill is getting ready to partake of the trough, once again. I hope not, for Australia's sake.

seeker of truth

Kristina Keneally is currently being paid as a Senator representing the whole of NSW. She is not being paid to be campaigning for the safe Labor seat of Fowler and bugger the rest of the voters of NSW who might want the assistance of their Senator. The last sitting day for Parliament was 2 December 2021 and the politicians return to Canberra for the first sitting day in 2022 on 9 February. You can't tell me that she is having an 8 week Summer vacation. KK was campaigning in Fowler in September, hoping to secure pre-selection (but she was a shoe in anyway). Was that another vacation break or just ignoring her Senatorial obligations? She is supposed to represent all Australians and not just Chinese and Vietnamese.

Just before Christmas, it was reported that Keneally had moved into the Fowler electorate. She and husband Ben have rented a house, not bought one so that shows her commitment to the electorate of Fowler NOT. I'd guarantee that she will be scooting back to her Scotland Island home on weekends. In September, she told the community of Fowler that she was going to buy a home in the area. I doubt that will ever happen. Kristina Keneally is a fraud. She is a show pony.

As reported by the SMH in September 2020, Keneally hardly spent time at her Senatorial office in Parramatta. "The former NSW premier has rarely been sighted working in the Parramatta suite on Station Street over the past 18 months. Labor sources say KK wasted no time making use of an office inside the federal government's glorious Bligh Street premises in the CBD, afforded to her by her appointment as Labor's deputy Senate leader in the 2019 election." "....Keneally's office says the move is about logistics. Keneally now looks after North Sydney, Warringah, Mackellar – all on the northern side of the Harbour Bridge – in addition to Reid, which borders the federal electorate of Parramatta."

Note from the article the areas that as a Senator, Labor has given her to look after. It doesn't include the electorate of Fowler.


Excuse me while I find a bucket!


Sadly, JC, it looks more and more as though we are either going to have a brothel hopper or an accused rapist as our PM.

Both incompetent dopes, but could easily have the keys to the lodge in a few months time.

Then Australians will really see how dangerous the left are......Imagine the control the states would have over you if the feds were also Labor. (no place for U)


Unfortunately she doesn’t sing from the same sheet as I do

Up The Workers!

First she was "Dishonest Eddie's girl" now she aspires to be AnAl the Brothel-Hoppers' Girl.

Her life really IS in a serious downward spiral.

Maybe AnAl will let her open car doors and hold up an umbrella for him - just in case the regular flunky he has for that purpose, is crook?

Her first 'patron' is now occupying a prison cell, (because that's the way crime in NSW has always been Wran) along with his son and his itinerant Left Testicle to keep him company, while her second patron is for the moment still on the outside of the prison bars.

Maybe somebody should tell her that in Australia, dribbling rugrats don't actually have the vote, so her efforts in carpet-bagging and gillarding the baby in the photo are all for nought.

As in America, her efforts would be more profitably applied to Labor's traditional core- voters of dead people or Unionised Electroal Officials.

Tony Johnson

She sure has the goods on few within the party if she can already assume to be on the front bench....


How heartwarming, you would almost think she lived there.

A glowing example of failing upward.


She didn’t seem to “stand up “ for the preferred local labor candidate.Instead she rode roughshod over the Vietnamese lady .What a hypocrite.


Yesterday's dog t*rds .


It's scary to think that there are people who will vote for this cretin.It makes my skin crawl.It's only here because it couldn't cut it in the USA.Think about it.The USA is totally stuffed and it can't cut it over there?REALLY?????


Just one question: Why is she not wearing a mask?


"And if anyone asks me, I'll say, 'A woman is a human being with female sex organs, who is capable of getting pregnant and having a child in her womb. She's all these: biologically different, opposite and complementary to a man.' I'll say, 'Men who identify as women should not compete with real women in sports.'"

Sadly she will not say that, even though she almost certainly believes it. I would be glad to consider casting a vote for anyone male or female who did say that, though.


I could write something about the people Keneally wouldn't stand up for when she was Premier of NSW, but knowing how litigious she is, I am not as brave as certain journalists I can mention. Why does Labor reward its state failures like this - another is Burney, what did she ever do for "her people" in NSW, but now is happy to criticise on a federal level. The point is that they could have done enormous good in power in one state, but didn't, probably becuase it might have gone against party interests. Much easier to stand on the sidelines of the big pond and carp.

Dennis Thompson

Another attempt at failing further upwards, as Sky's Paul Murray might say.

Please consider very carefully the backgrounds of the now Albanese desperate in charge again of our Federal Government MPs. KK former NSW Labor Premier and history, Chalmers MP assistant to Labor Treasurer Swan and so on, so many from the Rudd, Gillard & Rudd governments 2007 to 2013;

* Abandoned the working Howard Government Pacific Solution that stopped the people smuggler boats.
* Allowed over 50,000 illegal immigrant asylum seekers into Australia instead of offshore processing centres.
* Sent RAN ships to pick illegal immigrants up from smuggler vessels.
* Greatly reduced spending on defence that the Howard Government was increasing from 1995 onwards.
* Abandoned the Howard defence increases committed anmounting to a real 3% every year for 10 years.
* Abandoned Australia's commitment to the QUAD defence arrangements: India, Japan, Australia, United States).
* And much more.

Rusty of Qld

Jayzus JC, Bill doing a job IN Anal, that would be a sight to see.

Paul of The Hills

Why isn't she wearing a mask?

Julie of Geelong

She was a failure as a Premier so I wouldn’t expect much better as a Senior Minister in an Albasleazy Government!!!


Chalmers, this morning, uttered the most ludicrous political statement ever when he claimed that the PM was lying, in the speech he isn't due to make until lunchtime today - talk about desperate!

Up The Workers!

One thing is for sure...she will certainly be "Nobody's girl" if she is ever AnAl's girl.

AnAl the Brothel-Hopper is a consummate nobody of dubious eligibility to sit in Parliament and trouser a Parliamentary salary under section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act.

Most of "his girls" in his Erectoral Orifice down at the Rub and Tuggery are hired by the half hour.

Up The Workers!

See the thread below, entitled: "More Great Advice from Florida".

Quote from that thread: "You came here from there, because you didn't like there, and now you want to change here to be like there...If you want here to be like there, you should not have left there to come here and you are invited to leave here to go back there at your earliest convenience."

"Finkin", as has often been commented, is NOT a Leftard's strong point. That's precisely why joining the Labor(sic) Party is a "No-Brainer" for Leftards!'


Albo & Kristina Keneally have some things in common. Both knew exactly what Eddie Obeid was up to as NSW Labor powerbroker for many years.

The Australian Labor Party leadership in Canberra has morphed into the NSW Labor Party. Anthony Albanese, Kristina Keneally, Chris Bowen, Tanya Plibersek, Tony Burke, Jason Clare are all NSW Labor.


Unelected Swill.




Her Pinocchio nose forces it off when she open her mouth.

seeker of truth

A mask is not a good look for a photo opportunity. KK is also within the 1.5m social distance safety zone. Rules don't apply to her.

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