Anti-Defamation League changes definition of racism so that it only applies to white people
Magnificent - Joe Rogan responds to Spotify criticism


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Cart before the horse there Albo. It doesn’t pay to count chickens before they hatch as Liebor is prone to do.
Hopefully neither will get within a bull’s roar of parliament.


What a manlet.


He will br shivering in his shoes, if he decides to come back, if we have had a change of Government, and um, if it’s a wet and windy day, and , um if they shut 5he roof.


Does anybody else get the feeling Albo is deliberately sabotaging himself?

Not on the Left

Let's hope the up-himself prick never gets to be PM.

The fact that he enthusiastically endorses the Labor premiers and leaders Dictator Dan, Pluckachook, McClown, and Gunner over Covid policy says all that needs to be said about Albo.

Not that Morrison is much better; I don't think he has uttered a word of protest or criticism even against Dictator Dan's most egregious and arbitrary excesses here in Victoria.


Conceited little brothel creeper, he’ll come unstuck, same as Billy the rapist, ‘I’m the next Prime Minister of Australia’.

Michelle Two

I don't know I believe he is a bit behind..
This puff up your chest piece goes on a piece of the past, that no linger exists and if Novak is in a 3 yr ban from Australia if Albo was to win that would still be in place..
Reminds one of a little dog that acts all vicious if sees another dog, but if it comes near it runs and hides beh8nd its owner..mine does that all bark no bite..
In the playground of life it is the soul that threatens and doesn't follow through as they are shit scared to express their true feelings..
It also shows us that these politicians have no new ideas or solutions forcthe chaos they have already created because they can't speak the truth in fear of being deplatformed. They not building the new they wish to rebuild from where they started to be destroyed by the lightforce, we will not be going back into darkness thanks..
Still ferls soul has something heavy on the chest, my heart was racing before, upgrades again with the magnetic grid and crystallineas it also shifts in synchronicity with collective and light xx

Rusty of Qld

No Tomdundas, he is just a typical brainless, bullshyting big mouth nonothing, and boy have I meet heaps of them in my 75 years, that dosen't know shyite from clay, suffring from delusions of adequacy (Grandeur would be would be too much).


Well I hope this trend continues and he finds himself on the wrong side of public opinion. Again.

'Upwards of 100,000 booster appointments not filled'

Michelle Two

They haven't even given us an election date, why are they already campaigning and when was the last time they spoke to real people..
An AC poll they are in b8g troublein little China..hope they aren't relying on Dominion results as a lot can happen between now and an election..
Wildcard is it coming in soon, hope and light xx


Albo just lost the Serbian votes

Capt Baz

So Boofhead thinks he's up for the top job after the election? If the people wake up and learn to use their votes correctly, I reckon he and Scomo will be both looking for something to fill in their time.


Therapeutic Albo would get rolled by SHORT WILLY forces if he became PM.

Haha 'widely respected' ARDERN has approval rating of just 35%. People sick of her turning NZ into hermit nation and as a result inflation through the roof and rates are rising there.

Michelle Two

Here are the guidelines for an election..21 May 2022 sounds like a plan they can't go back into emergency powers mode because, the nations around the world are ending the pandemic propaganda mandates, so changes are coming be and light xx

With 2021 rapidly drawing to a close, it seems probable that the next federal election will happen in the first half of 2022.

The timing for federal elections is determined by a combination of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (the Act) and the Australian Constitution. The exact technicalities are discussed in detail in a Parliamentary Library publication; however, the abbreviated version is that, if the Government intends to hold a normal (House of Representatives and half-Senate) federal election, election day must be no later than 21 May 2022.

The Act requires at least 33 days between the issue of the writ (the writ is an instruction to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to hold an election) and polling day (although it can be as long as 68 days after Parliament is dissolved). As the election date is generally not known until the Prime Minister calls an election, the election campaign generally happens in the period between the issue of the writs and polling day. Election day must be a Saturday, so it is possible to determine the last possible day on which an election must be called to be held on a certain day


Yes, you got it in one Capt Baz.

" If the people wake up and learn to use their votes correctly..."

"PUT THE MAJOR PARTIES LAST" on your ballot papers, it's that simple.


Good old “sink the slipper” albo .John Cleese has more chance of being PM than that low life piece of shit!


Please start measuring for new curtains and book the removalists. Call Bill for the contact numbers.


It gives greater insight what Labor policy will be to ANYONE not vaccinated even if they are Australian and at home.

He will go totally against anyone not vaccinated.

Julie of Geelong

Get over yourself Albo!!

Julie of Geelong

What gets me is if he becomes PM he’ll bring his girlfriend (who no one knows anything about) with him to The Lodge to be First Lady on the Tax Payers of Australia’s teat!!


Looks like he’s dressing for the part - but specs to make one look intelligent didn’t work Juliar G mate, remember that.


Hes not called "Therapeutic Albo" for nothing

The vaccines are also "therapeutic" aand also administered with a small prick

Sorry-couldnt resist


Andrews hasn't asked for advice on booster shots

Brett Sutton says the Premier hasn't requested public health advice on mandated boosters, despite repeatedly calling for them.

Thats what stupid dicktators do

Commie Dan isnt a fricking doctor


“Mark McGowan’s lockdown firestorm
Enough is enough. The nation’s chiefs and sport stars are fed up with WA leader Mark McGowan’s bumbling Covid lockdown rules.

Waiting for the riots...


Maybe he should ring Arnie and tell him he is going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia...I'm sure Bill Shorten can pass on his number.


Croatian Stjepan Hauser plays a stirring rendition of "Nessun Dorma" with a human touch.

Stirring........and, hopefully, symbolic


ALBO CHEATING the system for housing allowances.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has refused to ban MPs from claiming a $291-a-night allowance to stay in their own apartment in Canberra if elected, a practice that has allowed scores of MPs to pay off their mortgages.

Canberra is the only capital city where federal MPs can choose to pocket their travel allowance (TA), even if they are staying at a house they own outright, as is the case for Mr Albanese, or at an apartment owned by a spouse.

Mr Albanese was probed about the politician’s perk on Melbourne radio on Monday after revealed he was claiming travel allowance to stay in his own flat.

** Albo will look after himself first **


Theraputic Albo and Therapist Bull Shitten...


Obviously you are unfamiliar with the term 'Vaxxed brain'...unlike you, I have come across bewildering manifestations of this concept for the past 11 months & this is after dealing with people one on one for the last couple of decades years..funny that ..what on earth changed last year.

Aside from the above, the 3 major parties here have obviously decided that its now the Labor/Greens turn this time around, in this theatrical game that they all play tweedle-dum, Tweedle-dee with the comatose Australian public who just like Fidel Trudeau now in hiding somewhere in Canada, trust the science.

Heard last night that a mate's mate's kid in Kerang here in Vic is in ICU with severe myocarditis, 3 days after the jab obviously totally unconnected....IMO opinion this a clear case of parental child abuse/neglect on the level with getting yr known pedophile uncle to look after the kids while you go out for a night at the pokies

Jeff of FNQ

I bet he was claiming travel allowance while he was attending the Australian Open final with his girlfriend.

In past years he has always had any excuse to be in Melbourne on business whilst the Australian Open was on and claimed travel allowance.


Why is Albanese scared of Djokovic?


The gold card for Phillies and ex pillows, has to go.
All frequent flyer points belong to the taxpayers.


Is she the one opening the car doors?

Les Brown

Morrison needs a size 10 firmly placed for even allowing this squawking belly-acher to have any idea of being PM. The peoples of Australia should be ashamed of themselves for allowing politicians to be elected time after time that are without upstanding character, that do not display decorum and are not prepared to set ethical and moral standards.


Things are not great if in a democracy our only two serious choices have pretty much the same values and therefore might as well be the same party. (Didn't the SED in East Germany have some similar kind of ludicrous illusion of a multi-party parliament?)

The solution as others have said is to put the majors last. We need to fire as many as possible of these do-nothings on 6-figure salaries and replace them with honest, hard working people who love Australia. Preferably also who love God.


Michelle , I read your posts .I speak several languages . The last 3 lines of your above post defy interpretation ..? Enyaw.

Dennis Thompson

I have no time for Albo and Union controlled Labor however the allowances system is the issue not the MP claimants.

I remember the negative media targeting former Labor PM Keating who had an up market home in Canberra where his family lived while he was Treasurer in the Hawke Government, and when Coalition Treasurer Hockey was given a hard time for owning a Canberra property.

Most people provided with a living away from home allowance would at least consider purchasing a dwelling rather than renting one.


Well,here in QLD paletchook has built an"Internment camp"to put all those who oppose the"Clotshot"I wonder how they managed to do that in such a short time?????????

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