Biden who stuffed US energy independence lectures the world on energy security

Thousands of NY police at funeral service for slain officer Jason Rivera - Rest in Peace.


Message from a cop mate

What don’t you see in this picture? You don’t see rioting, you don’t see burning of buildings and protests, you don’t see TV shows and people cancelled because they don’t follow a certain narrative. What you see is family. Yeah, those are all heroes! A family that is being attacked because they are literally protecting you and the things you cherish most. Speak out and show your support. If your eyes are closed to the fact that the attacks on our first responders are being sensationalized and motivated by the media and those wanting to create chaos, where the criminals are being idolized, try doing without these thousands of NYPD heroes in this picture mourning the loss of a brother ambushed and killed doing his fucking job.  When are you going to wake up? How many heroes or for that matter you or your family members have to be attacked for you to realize the problem? Officer Jason Rivera had less than 1 year on the NYPD when he was murdered. Godspeed heroes! Makes me sick to my stomach.