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From the Daily Mail


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Ray Hadley's social media team have been forced to disable comments on his Facebook page after he confronted the NSW Premier over badmouthing the shock jock behind his back.

Appearing on Hadley's 2GB morning program on Monday, Dominic Perrottet denied he was referring to people like Hadley when he said he would not 'give in to the bedwetters' by re-introducing Covid restrictions. 

'I don't know where that's come from, I haven't made those comments in cabinet at all,' Mr Perrottet responded.

Hadley responded that people had told him Mr Perrottet had called 'people like me' bedwetters after a few drinks at a pre-Christmas function.

'Ray, I have no recollection of that,' Mr Perrottet responded.

On Tuesday morning, Hadley's team blocked comments on both their post promoting Mr Perrottet's appearance, and a December 17 story where the 2GB host called the premier 'weak as piss'.  

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