UN announces North Korea to chair UN disarmament forum on nuclear weapons
Dan Andrews announces 'Final Push' to inject children


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Wait till the Chinese come to the US
They're already in Canada


Michelle Two

Shhh!! Elmer Fudd just came to mind, don't most tye population in the USA bear arms as a first amendment right..
Might be a deeper reason why hidden in the propaganda..they fear a military coup..love and light xx

Not on the Left

I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
They had many hundreds of "armed men" (National Guard) in Washington, D.C. for months on end last year, supposedly to protect Biden and his cronies from "insurrectionists" or whoever.


What do they want the Seals to train with ,WATER pistols


DC is a territory now. They mustn't have cleared it with Karen first.


Julie of Geelong

Michael, just heard a young Muslim girl AFLW player will not wear Pride jumper this weekend so she’s not allowed to play.

So much for the VERY inclusive AFL.

If you don’t fit in with their narrative bad luck you don’t play!!!

Bob Hay

Maybe time they used flamethrowers and melted the snowflakes

Doubtful John

I must admit when some mates and I were hiking in to Steamers Beach on the south side of Jervis Bay to fish many moons ago, an Army guy in cam gear and grease paint came out of the bush crossing our track in front of us, replete wit SLR. There was that moment before we realised he was legit where the bowels stirred.

Dennis Thompson

When the ADF deployments to East Timor were underway during the Howard Coalition Government years there were often many soldiers with weapons practising patrolling the parklands around the shores of Tin Can Bay Queensland, bottom end of Fraser Island and opposite Rainbow Beach on the mainland at the other side of Tin Can Bay.

During WW2 commando units trained there on the Sandy Strait waterways and Fraser Island, and not far away there is an Army Base and firing range.

Tourists and locals went about their business as soldiers manoeuvred from location to location, and fascinated my Dog, as they transferred between temporary shipping container bases.

Steve K

Pink fingernails and fish-net stockings.

Up The Workers!

Perhaps, as an ally, Australia could offer to send the Prime minister's 'cousin Dave' over there in his former Labor Party Army Chief's uniform of lurid red high heels and fishnet stockings to show what a genuine Leftard combat-ready Diversity Warrior dresses like these days.

If he doesn't terrify the Soy-Boys, snowflakes, powder-puffs and precious petals like the U.S. Navy Seals do, then I think we might be on to a winner.

Perhaps he and the U.S. Deputy Health Secretary could between them, put on a show of advanced Military tactical genius in up-to-the-minute combat camouflage gear and demonstrate how they would subdue enemy fighters.

That should frighten all those nasty Russian and Chi-Com bullies off.

Dennis Thompson

OK, but have you heard about the Canadian Mounties who are secretly operating in China using their red uniform coats as a disguise?

Apparently it's an exchange programme.


Stu of FNQ

During the East Timor operation, we used the township of Jimna, north of Brisbane to train. The locals went about their business each day with soldiers patrolling the streets. They were goodies and baddie locals (staged actors). The training was very effective, just weeks prior to deployment.

Not on the Left

Being homosexual is nothing to be proud of, any more than being heterosexual this.
I don't follow her religion, but good on her.

Stu of FNQ

Surely the US DOD just kicks all the snowflakes out of the parks and resumes the land for military training. Problem solving at its finest

Michelle Two

A blast from the past do you know what they were protesting in the 60's the hippies with long hair, how times have changed now they are protesting for freedom to choose their own medical treatments.. love and light xx




Poor lil darlins- they should crawl back to their basements & watch the Sound of Music, but they are a bunch of snowflakes anyway up there.


Those snowflakes would hate living here in the Panhandle - we hear Jets & explosives all the time, sometimes on a rainy day I start thinking that the thunder is explosives. 464000 acres of Military Base here - Elgin, Hurlburt & Duke Field.
I wonder what they would think if they went to the Beach at Hickham Base & sat there on their towel & got the Jet Fuel fumes in their noses - still, kind of cool to watch the jets coming & going, while sitting on the beach.



And if the cricket is anything to go by, the team won't be allowed to spray the champagne around if they win either.

Isn't diversity and multiculturalism wonderful !!


I didn’t know Alexander Downer was a SEAL

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