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We're all in this together, but some are more in-this than others

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Politicians are getting rapid antigen tests delivered to their electorate offices for free, while essential workers have been forced to search high and low for the crucial swabs.

While healthcare workers, truck drivers and supermarket staff are forced to run their own rat race to purchase RATs, NSW Parliament has secured its own stockpile for members and staff.

Almost 2,000 RATs are set to be sent out to MPs electorate offices around the state, and members and staff required to work from Parliament House will be able to get one RAT each week.

In a Monday email to the parliamentary workforce — including MPs — the Department of Parliamentary Services said a “small supply of RAT kits” had been procured as a safety measure for members and staff working in the building or in electorate offices.

Rapid Antigen Tests are have become hard to find and there has been evidence of price gouging due to the scarcity. Picture: Richard Dobson

“For Electorate Offices, a limited supply of tests (20 RAT kits) will be sent out to each of the 98 electorate offices for use by members and staff, starting from tomorrow morning,” MPs were told.

In a follow up email on Tuesday, the Department of Parliamentary Services said the 20 free RATs would be sent by express post to regional offices and most city offices by Wednesday.