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Another bulltish Covid announcement from the Andrews Labor/CFMEU Government

Laura Tingle fails in attempt to replace Leigh Sales on 730 Report

Spare a thought for Laura Tingle.
Australia's most unpleasant political reporter has tragically failed to make an impact as fill-in host of the ABC's 730 Report.
The ratings are well down on Leigh Sales and after many weeks as the fill-in, the biggest guest Laura could attract was Malcolm Turnbull.
Even by ABC standards, 'getting Turnbull' is considered a failure.  It only proves the 'getter' is as irrelevant as Mr dial-an-anti-Coalition-quote himself.


Congratulations Leigh Sales. Your job is safe.
Be warned though .... Stan Grant ticks more diversity boxes than you and has vastly more downtime than anyone to play the ABC in-house political game.