ABC failing Queensland during its hour of need
Taken on face value it's a guts++ effort, and didn't dislodge the durry.

Outside Insiders with Bill Thompson

You may notice a change of tone in my comments on their ABC News, from the beginning of this clip, compared to the end. Sometimes I get carried away…  

Thx to David Crowe, Chief Political Correspondent for Age/SMH, who was prepared to tolerate me but was fairly non-committal! 

BTW, it turns out that the Twitter correspondence with Mike Cannon-Brookes, per the clip, actually occurred - bugger me - FOUR years ago, instead of ONE. I couldn’t believe it was that long ago but I eventually found some screenshots I made at the time (attached). It seems my recollection of the gist of the posts was pretty close to the mark, though. (Mind you, I should have referred to “antipathy” to CO2 emissions, not “antithesis”.) MC-B became a talking point on Insiders today because of his involvement in a current offer to buy out AGL – with an expectation that a successful deal MIGHT lead to early closure of all those filthy, disgusting, CO2-emitting (even more than MC-B, himself) Hunter Valley coal-fired power plants, which will have all the Greenies swooning with delight but will also have thousands of workers wondering where they’ll get other jobs that pay $150 grand+ a year. 

The “Bridget” I refer to in the clip is Bridget Brennan, ABC’s “Indigenous Affairs Editor”.