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The Labor apparatchik formerly known as Therapeutic Albanese adopts 'Dear Leader' moniker

In Labor's view, Scott Morrison isn't 'leading' Australia.

Labor says he's not doing his job.

Not leading.

So Labor is framing Therapeutic Albanese as a 'leader'.

It's a starkly unnatural fit for Anthony Norman Albo.

He doesn't sound or look like a leader.

He sounds and looks like what he is - a tribal hater.

He's congruous, genuine and authentic when he says he just wants to 'fight Tories'.

When he flicks the switch to statesman he stumbles, sucking the spit from under his tongue and away from his ill-fitting newly installed teeth.

Scott Morrison doesn't do much.

A lot of us like governments like that.

When faced with a decision between a government in the background not fiddling with their lives, or a rabid socialist 'leader' intervening in them - I reckon more Australians prefer and will vote for the former.

So go for it Labor.  

Bring on the newly sculpted, coiffed and fanged Dear Leader Albo.