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Brandis prang probe - “George was late & told his driver to hurry up & catch the motorcade”.

VIDEO - Therapeutic Albanese's speech for Chinese spy puppet-master Chau Chak Wing

Thanks to Seeker of Truth who writes:

Here is footage of Albo's speech posted on the Chau Chak Wing Foundation's website.
Take a look at Albo's bow tie. It is all shew-whiff or in other words "crooked", just like Labor's relationship with the CCP.
Labor attacked Peter Dutton last week for suggesting that the Chinese Communist Party was the foreign power trying to influence our elections but Dutton didn't name names. It was Labor's own Senator Kimberley Kitching who has named Chau Chak Wing as the CCP's puppeteer at a Senate committee hearing on Monday.
Has Labor hauled Kimberley over the coals for this action?
Maybe Kimberley is in the wrong party as she breaks ranks quite often.