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What is it about Balding-Boy Minister Kean and leaked texts? Check this out from His Oiliness.

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The ex-girlfriend of a highly-respected Liberal minister has lost her job as an adviser to Malcolm Turnbull after she revealed the sordid texts he sent to a fellow MP.

Caitlin Keage exposed the sexting scandal last month, sharing an exchange between NSW Innovation Minister Matt Kean and Liberal backbencher Eleni Petinos.

Mr Kean texted Ms Petinos at around 10pm on December 27, saying he was 'tempted to drive down to see' her, before adding: 'Really need to f*** you.'

Ms Keage, a Coalition staffer since 2010 and a senior adviser to the prime minister, posted the texts on her Instagram page and accused her boyfriend of cheating.

In the tumultuous fallout, she has quit her role in Mr Turnbull's office after she was reportedly encouraged to resign.

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Caitlin Keage (bottom left) exposed the scandal on social media last month when she shared an exchange between NSW Minister Matt Kean (top left) and Liberal MP Eleni Petinos (right) 

Former partners Matt Kean and Caitlin Keage are pictured on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2016

Ms Keage, a respected Coalition staffer and senior adviser to the prime minister, posted the messages on her Instagram page and accused her boyfriend (pictured together) of cheating

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The Innovation Minister's furious ex-girlfriend Caitlin Keage (pictured together left) posted copies of the texts (mock up right) on her private Instagram account month