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British/Swedish anti-tank missiles a game-changer in defence of Ukraine

As we reported here last Saturday, Britain's supply of the NLAW anti-tank weapon is a serious game-changer.

It's a near-perfect defensive weapon, easily hidden in urban settings, almost impossible to detect/eliminate and simple to operate.

And it's deadly.

In January, Britain sent Ukraine 2,000 of them.  Many many more have since been supplied - with numbers withheld for operational reasons.



The result?

This column.


And there are plenty more columns for them to target - this map from the British Ministry of Defence.


This war isn't just about missile strikes on buildings.

It's about taking and holding ground - in an urban environment.

That means vehicles.  Or targets, depending on which side you're on.

I would be shitting bricks going into Ukraine.

Every window, every drain, every roof, every doorway, every wall, every alley.......

Much more here.